Puerto Rico Vacation and Weather


Puerto Rico has three international airports to welcome you. Besides the international ones, domestic airports are abundant in numbers. Airports for personal uses are also pretty large in number.  Rafael Hernández International Airport, Mercedita International Airport, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport are the world class airport to land down in the Island.

Being a US Common wealth State, it has well airway connection with mainland of US. Apart from US, flights to Puerto Rico are numerous year-round. Cheaper the round trip air tickets are offers by many airline services. Booking your ticket either directly or through travel agents is better only if its sooner. Later on, airway service providers increase their fares and one pays off higher price.

Transportation system is the best in this island. Roadways, freeways, airways and railways have equal caliber to provide comfort to you during travelling through Puerto Rico.

A perfect vacation plan in Puerto Rico is anytime. One must ensure enough time in hand. Must see places list are pretty lengthy. Contrast of scenic beauty becomes the hurdle for every traveler to choose the list of places to stay during his or her trip.

Internet navigation have a good sound role to play in planning a don’t miss out trip. Puerto Rico offers many places to stay. Choosing the most likable one is one’s own discretion. Troubles arises when one get no plan suiting his desire. Way outs are there near one’s hand. Plan Puerto Vacation in won style. Tourism industry in this island is flourishing high and getting convenient tour packages within affordability. Online booking is better than regretting after landing down in Puerto Rico and find nothing good to enjoy.

One must plan for time allocation for Puerto Rico Top Attractions.  Spending few free hours a particular place too can bring your happiness and satisfaction. Time plays the hurdle, manage it right and enjoy the fun in the Sun.

Stay near the beaches in Puerto Rico is much desired. While visiting this State this time, one can full fill this demand of one’s heart. Consulting a travel agent is good but, knowing things better for your information and you will be able to come to know info that will help you to get better planning.

Planning in advance of three or four months is better. Choose places to visit and stay. One’s sound plan is the key to an unforgettable trip to Puerto Rico. The breezy beaches, the wonderful nights on bungalow facing the seas, the visit historical places will re energies your soul and mind.

Keep Health Well:

Unlike, other tropical island of the Caribbean’s, Puerto is free of most of the diseases other Caribbean islands suffer from. Fresh water ponds and streams are numerous through this island. They allure any fun lovers. But, dipping into them may bring health issue as water is polluted most of the times. If ones sees or finds any Puerto Ricans is swimming into any water body, then it’s safe to have dive into the water.

Medical shops are many. Even, one gets medical practitioners but getting faster appointment with a doctor is harder here. Puerto Rico has safe and secure tap water. If you think to get bottled water, you get easy availability too. Gallon of purified water are available in every mall shop and even local grocery shops. Be careful of drinking water. It’s recommended that a traveler must carry essential medicine. In peril, it will provide them instant ease and relaxation.


The Tropical Paradise Puerto Rico has a balanced climate throughout the year.  Temperature moves between 22 degree and 27 degree Celsius. The best time to visit is May to October. From November to April, risk of hurricane storm is there. It’s time for monsoon and rainy season is accompanied there with these devastating hurricanes. For tourists the best time to celebrate the sight, smell and sound of Puerto Rico is May to October.

Weather plays the role of a positive catalyst during visiting a new place. In the best climate, one will get the best of things in its pristine condition at that time. Travelling through Puerto Rico is no exception in this regard. Plan a trip at the bet time of the year, which is generally falls from November to April.

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