Puerto Rico Foods and Culture


Puerto Rico is best known for its cuisine and seafood variety. One needs a car, a taste for traditional Puerto Rican foods, time and patience to eat.

The water, Puerto Rico surrounded by is not at all good for fishing. But, this island never lacks the supply of seafood culinary offerings. Everyone gets something, in this island to discover, while eating. The food of Puerto Rico is well –served among the all the Caribbean islands.

The two main dishes prepared by the traditional hotels are Plantains and Pork. Chicken comes second in the list and beef or mutton is mutton the list of preference. Though apparently look like Mexican foods, Puerto Rican dishes have very little affinity with Mexican foods.

Plantains are served with minimum possible spices. It consists of savory bananas and the source of this dish is primarily belong to old days of this civilization.

Starter Dishes or Incarnations are listed below:

I.        Mofongo – Twice fried and mashed plantains comes with seafood stuffing within it. Famous for its taste an spices. It’s the best among all the culinary offeringon this island.

II.        Tostones – These are served freshly after frying and mashing twice.

III.        Sopa de plátanos – Famous soup with mash.

Main Course of food:

I.        chicharrones – It’s Crispy dry pork snacks

  1. chuletas – Deep fried juicy pork chop.
  2. lechón asado – Roasted pigs and famous all around the .
  3. morcilla – blood sausage
  4. pernil de cerdo – Pork shouldfer fried and served with oregano and garlic.



Puerto Rico is famous for its drink like rum. Rum is produced in large number. The best rum available in this island is Ron de Barrilito. Rum is popular, though not a finer drinker’s choice. Besides, this Bacardi, Don Q, and Captain Morgan are available. Every corner of Puerto Rico will supply you rum.

Puerto Rico has a got a law of 18 years of age for drinking. Before that it’s offence there.


Puerto Rico poses as an attractive tourism destination because of its rich cultural background. Its culture has a very close affinity with Indian, European, African, Caribbean, American, Asian and Middle East influences. The culture that belongs to this island is a product of a mixture of multiculturalism.

Social respect has its own way and style in Puerto Rico. A safe and secure hand shake is allowed. Female kisses other females checks to greet. But, for male, they only kisses each other’s check only when you know each other or in a family together. Caribbean Culture has got a mixture of everything good.

Citizens of this island are peaceful. But debates on politics may create a tussle. Even, commenting on political parties openly amid the Puerto Ricans are risky at times.  It’s better to keep away from politics during staying in this island.

Homosexuality is a social taboo in Puerto Rico. Young generation is much open and frank than that of the older generation. Chess and Domino are the best games among the inhabitants of this island.

Puerto Rico’s capital has San Juan has got a better level of tolerance among other Caribbean Cultures. San Juan itself has some gay-friendly place.

Puerto Ricans love to receive dominos as a gift.

A mixed culture prevails in this island; you will not feel the rigidity of anyone of them. Flexible culture makes put every traveler at ease. While visiting, you will surely get the hint of it.

Try avoiding discussions on politics and so called taboos while your stay in this Caribbean island. Plan it right and visit the most exotic trip to the land of Spanish influenced culture.

Facts and Figures:


9,104 sq. km



3,706,690 (2011)


3 Weather Temp:22-27 degree Celsius
4 Nearest Airport 3; Rafael Hernández International Airport, Mercedita International Airport, Luis Muñoz Marín International Airport
5 Bus stand Several Bus Stands
6 Railway Stations 10.7 miles of metro


Aiming at relaxation one begins his or her journey to Puerto Rico. After staying there for few days, it gives the sense of your own home. Discover the culture and heritage of the island and enjoy a trip that will bring you once in a lifetime experience.

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