Hawaii Vacation And Weather


Hawaii’s major airport is Honolulu International Airport (HNL) on Oahu. First you need to reach here to begin your adventurous tour. It is like entry point for every visitor; from here you will get all major domestic carriers. Also many international carriers serve Oahu, so you can come here from anywhere.

There are some direct flights from the U.S. Mainland to Kauai, Maui and Hawaii’s Big Island. But if you are landing at Oahu then you will be able to reach the neighbor islands such as Molokai and Lanai.

Another way to reach Hawaii is boat. Here is the list of ports to catch the boat and reach to Hawaii- Oahu: Honolulu, Kalaeloa Barber’s Point, Kewalo Basin; Maui: Kahului; Hilo, Kawaihae; Port Allen; Kauai: Nawiliwili; Molokai: Kaunakakai; Lanai: Kaumalapau.

Water and Surf Conditions— As I told you earlier about the weather conditions that remain comfortable entire year, it’s make this place one of the best locations to surf. On all beaches, water is usually gentle in the summers. You can see dramatic changes between seasons and island coasts.

In the winter season you can see big waves at Hawaii because of Pacific storms. It drives ocean swells toward the many north shore beaches and creates big waves on. But don’t worry about these beg waves you can still find calmer water at near sheltered beach.

During the winter many beaches can become unsafe, it’s better to ask about it to your hotel administrator or lifeguard. Also you can see warning flags posted on beaches which are not safe or making ocean currents.

Mountains and Volcanoes— One who loves to see natural beauty from very close approximate can enjoy here and see Haleakala on Maui, Kokee on Kauai or Kilauea on the Big Island. As much higher location you will reach temperature will go down by 3.5 degree for every 1,000 feet above sea level. So dress properly and use layers of clothing.

Also you need protection from powerful sun’s UV rays. It’s better to carry sun block and sunglasses while going to high elevations.


Hawaii weather is consistent and there is only minor changes throughout the year. Only winter ans summer seasons are there. If you are planning to visit between May to October, then you will enjoy summers and between November to April winters will please you.

Temperature— In the summers the daytime averages temperatures at sea level is 85 º F. in winters 78 º F. and in the night 10 º F. lower.

Climate Zones— There are many incredible sites to visit and each own its unique plants, weather and animal. Many sites will grab your attention easily like elevations, cool alpine regions, arid desert, tropical rain forest and sunny beaches.

Best Time to Travel

I can say whenever you plan to visit that is the best time for Hawaii, but avoid fall (rainy season). Summers and winters both are nice seasons to visit and enjoy. There are no major differences in temperature and other climate, so you will fully enjoy your holidays.

Safety precautions

Safety is important for any place and especially when you are visiting for the very first time. it is advisable to hire a guide or make a check list wherever you want to go. You can also discuss about these things to your hotel staff. However safety depends on your self-care still if you are going to any beach then you need to follow some precautions listed below…

Ocean Safety Checklist:


  • Don’t try to become an expert diver, always visit to a beach where lifeguard is available and ask him to advice you.
    You know your swimming abilities, so don’t try to make yourself a fool, ‘be honest with yourself and don’t dive alone’.
  • Waves can sneak up you, so always keep your eyes wide open and never turn your back on the ocean. It can cause serious injury being hit by wave while you are not watching.
  • In case you caught in a current, then be calm and swim perpendicular to the current directions. It will help you to get out of it easy and you will reach to shore.
  • In case of any trouble always shout loudly ‘Help’, don’t try to call name of your family member. Few people try to wave an arm to grab attention; it’s a wrong way, always scream help.
  • Wait and watch the waves for at least 30 minutes and if you can handle waves double in size what you have seen already then enter into the water. Better to first check the local surf report and ask to life guard.
  • Avoid watching big waves from the rocks without any precaution it could be dangerous.
  • Don’t try to follow local kids playing with waves.
  • Whenever you have doubt or feeling not good don’t go out.
  • There are many other rules to recall but the thumb rule is always having precautions and swim in front of lifeguard.

Other risks

  • In Hawaii there are many shark attack cases, current average is around 3 attacks per year.
  • The man-of-war, a jellyfish or an animal, looks like small air bladder and attractive. It could be the couple of feet long and floats on surface. If mistakenly you will touch this it would be painful, it is not dangerous and rarely required medical attention to some people who are allergic.
  • Box Jellyfish is another beautiful creature and once of the most poisonous animals in the world. They come to the shore after around 10 days to spawn and then disappear. No one knows where but you can avoid them and beaches post signs when they arrives.
  • Leptospirosis, tropical bacteria, can cause fever and flu kind of symptoms, in many case people ignore it and assume flu or any other virus. Chances of death is very rare and only 1% cases of death. Every year around 44 cased are confirmed because of the Leptospirosis. It mainly spread from animal to human in the fresh water ponds, streams, etc. via contaminated urine.
  • In the Hawaii sun is also could be dangerous for you. UV index in Hawaii is higher than any other state in the U.S. and average index in the winter is 6-7 while in summer 11-12. So plan before your visit Hawaii about the sun and protect your skin using sun screen.

There are many other things like Critters, Mosquitoes, Centipedes, No-See-Ums, etc. it means you need to be careful in Hawaii.

Health Concern

When you plan to visit Hawaii make sure you are healthy enough. Visitors from across the world will not require medical exam unless they are coming from a location where a health epidemic is.

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