El Salvador Vacation and weather

Planning Your Trip

Travelling to El Salvador requires passport including one of these documents: tourist card or visa. To get a visa, you need to contact the Consulate of El Salvador and for tourist card, usually it takes 90 days to issue or for it you can pay US$10 on the port of entry. Passports of a few nations might need to be obtained a visa prior entering to the country like Malaysia. For U.S. citizens, visa is free.

The flight will lend at the El Salvador International Airport, situated in Comalapa which is just 45 minutes of drive away from city limits. So, you can book an accommodation in the right place from where you can visit most of the places without any trouble. The national airline of the country is TACA Airlines. TACA also acquired the national airlines of other counties like Guatemala, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and Honduras.

Getting Around

If you are thinking to hire a car to move around the country, consider the Pan-American Highway.  It is a safe route to enter the country and travel around to San Salvador and San Miguel. There are many buses which travel across the highways. Traveling by bus is an inexpensive way (it will take around $2 or $3 even for long drives). Most of the buses are well-decorated with paints, trinkets and posters which show the pop-culture as well as the religion.

The rental car companies include Hertz and Alamo to get around. If you have a tight budget, you can consider buses and taxis. These days, most of the tourists prefer GPS navigation system known as QFind which can help you to travel rural and urban areas. The system is fully functional with number of points. The advanced system can make your travel trouble free and enjoyable. You can also get in touch with El Salvador’s Bureau of Conventions to find a luxury transportation i.e. Linea Ejecutiva for private transport. The rail network between Apopa and San Salvador is one of the best options to move around.


The country has a tropical weather. Rainy season stays from May to October and dry season from November to April. Therefore, it is also necessary to pack special clothing in your luggage according to a current season.

Enrolling with the Embassy

If you are planning to visit El Salvador, act like a smart traveler and get in touch with its embassy. Just give information about your trip to the authorized people. After enrolling yourself, you will receive updates regularly for safety measures. Even they will tell your trip’s info to your family in an emergency situation.

Road Safety

In El Salvador, you may encounter bad road conditions. Before hiring any car, ensure to go through the exact information about the place. And then only think to make your further plans to drive by yourself in the country. The road condition in the country is not like United States and at night driving on roads is more dangerous with a few road lights and plenty of vehicles.

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