El Salvador Food and Culture

El Salvador is a country situated in the Central America with many tourist destinations. It is a part of North America bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the southwest.

Food and Drink

Restaurants of El Salvador are influenced by various cultures. There are many food options available including American, Italian, French, Korean, Chinese, Japanese, Mexican, Chilean, Argentinian, Middle Eastern, Peruvian, German, Spanish and others. American food chains are also scattered all over the country like McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Burger King, Domino’s, Wendy’s, Subway, KFC, Little Caesar’s and Quiznos. A normal diet of Salvadoran includes plenty of seafood, beans and rice (mainly those people prefer them who live nearby the coast).

In drinks, you can try Horchata (made from “morro” seeds and rice) and Cebada (sweet and smooth refreshment). Natural juices are also very popular like maranon, guava, arrayan, jocote, granadilla de “moco” and cherimoya.

Salvadoran Food

There are number of specialties which are also very common in other countries of Central America.

Dishes of Salvadoran Food

  • Empanadas made from cream filling and bananas
  • Pupusa: A hand-made corn which is filled with pork (chicharron), cheeses and beans
  • Maize pasties with vegetables and minced meat

Usual Salvadoran Food

A normal Salvadoran meal contains these ingredients:

  • Tortillas
  • Fish, poultry and meat
  • Vegetables: loroco, pulses, potato, rice and cassava
  • Dairy products: butter and cheese
  • Fruit: maranon, mangoes, mamones and coconuts


If you love to enjoy night life and visit clubs to spend your good time, San Salvador is one of the best places in Central America. The city contains many clubs for local people and tourists. The trendiest night spot which is known as La Zona Rosa is a home of number of exclusive nightclubs, bars and popular restaurants in the city. Multiplaza is a well-known spot which has many bars and clubs. There is another good spot: Paseo del Carmen.


The culture of El Salvador is like other Latin American countries. European influences can be seen in colonial churches, theaters and museums throughout the country. Additionally, the contemporary life has become similar in most of the cities and villages of El Salvador.

Facts and Figures

Land Area: 21,040 kilometers (8,124 square kilometers)

Population: 6,071,774 (July 2011)

Weather: Tropical, dry season (November – April), rainy season (May – October)

Airport/Railway: El Salvador International Airport / Train Service between Apopa and San Salvador

Bus Stops: Terminals in San Salvado and Pullmantur

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