Easter Island Vacation and Weather

Planning Your Trip

Easter Island can give a memorable tour with complete peace of mind in a place where there is no stress of work. Due to the thrilling geographic isolation, travelers think that only brave people can get into the island. However, tourism is the main industry of the island and you can easily reach the place and spend your good time.

The island is easily accessible by air service from Chile and Hanga Roa. Still the routes are limited and it will take around 5.5 hours to reach the island from the nearest continent. Some of the flights that you can look for are: Santiago de Chile, LAN Airlines and Tahiti. The timing of flights may vary that you need to check before booking your tickets.

The range of flights from Santiago lies between US $300 to US $1200 (the cost is for a round trip). You can also think of voyage to Easter Island where there are interesting stops in between South America and Polynesia which will give you an experience of other places as well.

Getting Around

Easter Island is a small place, thus you can visit most of the areas very easily. You can easily get a rental car and move around as per your comfort zone. Within a few hours, it is possible to visit most of the destinations. There are many hosts that rent out jeeps to visitors. If you want an affordable vehicle on rent, you can easily look for them.

If you have a tight budget, rental house is the best way to save your valuable money. Bicycle is also a good medium to travel across the island. Remember that you should have a valid driving license to drive a motorbike, car or any other vehicle. The cost to hire a vehicle may vary with different rental services, so you need to check this aspect up front and make your budget according to it.


Some of the companies offer guided tours to travelers in Easter Island. But ensure to follow the rules of the island to make your tour trouble free. A tour guide can explain you about the locations in Easter Island in a better way than others because the person has complete knowledge about such places. Travel agencies take this aspect very seriously and hire only those individuals who are capable of dealing tourists. So, ensure to consider an appropriate tour agency to make your tour convenient yet enjoyable.

Traveling With Kids

Kids may easily come in effect of several unfamiliar diseases in the island. Before planning your trip to Easter Island, talk to the child’s doctor so you can make your further plans for the upcoming tour. Even you can carry the prescribed medicines with you because in the island you may not get the same medicines.

Health Concerns

The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) has recommended that people traveling to Easter Island may come into an effect of hepatitis A and B, and typhoid fever. Get in touch with your doctor for a routine checkup and know the routine vaccines for mumps and measles. It will give a good idea to the doctor and he/she can explain all safety measures in advance.

Insect-borne related diseases like animal-borne diseases and dengue fever are found very common in animals. They are usual found throughout the Chile. You should avoid contacts with unknown animals. It is also advisable to keep an eye on the CDC website which provides regular updates about issues related to health in traveling. Facilities for health problems are limited in Easter Island, so your first priority should be to learn all the safety measures and avoid any major concern.


The weather of Easter Island is subtropical maritime. During July to August, the island remains with lowest temperature (18 °C or 64 °F). The highest temperature stays in February (28 °C or 82 °F).

Getting Out

After finishing your tour, you most probably want to return to your home. For it, you can consider LAN airlines from eastward to Peru, Lima, Santiago de Chile or western side to Tahiti. To depart a foreign country, you need to pay a little exit fees in cash at airport. In case you are able to sail the island by your own, the next stop would be the unknown Pitcairn Islands, which have no air service.

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