Easter Island Food and Culture

Easter Island is a mysterious place with number of statues, beaches and other tourist attractions. It is one of the most isolated islands on the earth.

Food and Drink

More than 25 restaurants are available in the island catering travelers. You can easily find a few nearby Hanga Roa and others are scattered around. But menus are limited because maximum food is imported from other places. Wide verities of fishes are available to eat. In a few of the supermarkets, you can find sundries, booze, snacks etc.

Most of the venders do not accept credit cards, so make sure to keep cash with you to buy necessary things. You can also try Pisco, hard liquor which is made from fermented grapes. It is an unofficial drink of Easter Island. If you like the service of any hotel, you can also give a tip to waiter as it is appreciated. However, it should be moderated, usually additional charge or not more than 10 percent of total expense.

Due to the increased number of tourists, many restaurants also become a kind for “tourist trap”, thus never be hesitated to ask questions from your host or guide about the food options.

La Taverne du Pêcheur: It is a small restaurant situated in the port of the village. It is one of the most costly restaurants in the island where you can enjoy the best seafood. Many tourists consider the place as too expensive without much value.

Te Moana: It can be considered as the best restaurant in Easter Island. Tuna sandwich is the specialty of the restaurant. Even it offers a live band on Wednesdays and other weekends. Many inhabitants and tourists visit the restaurant, so reach the place before them otherwise you may not get an empty table.

A bout du Monde: The restaurant offers a beautiful overlooking to the sea. It’s expensive but you can really enjoy the special seafood. During a few occasion at night, you can watch an exceptional Polynesian dance. It may cost a lot but really a worthy deal which you’ll remember for a long time.

Varuna, Atamu Takena: It is a newly established restaurant where you can get many classics of the island at affordable rates. Additionally, you can find a great main course, fruit juice and starter. Both food and service are excellent.

Hetu u: Staff and food are great. You can try tuna, sopaipillas and shrimp.

If you are looking for simple and budget food, you can try the following options:

  • Close to Kai Nene supermarket there is an empanada shop. There cheap and a variety of tasty foods are served.
  • While walking to the east of the Kai Nene supermarket, there are many food stands where you can find hot dogs, chicken sandwiches, toppings and many more.

Facts and Figures

Land Area: 163.6 kilometer (63.1 square kilometers)

Population: 5,034 (2011)

Weather: Subtropical Maritime (generally hot, humid in summers and mild cold in winters)

Airport/Railway: Mataveri International Airport / No Rail Network

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