Easter Island

If you have never visited to any mysterious island, Easter Island is the best island to find amazing and unknown things. It is a triangular-shaped island and one of the most isolated and remote inhabited places on the earth. It is not yet revealed who had constructed the mysteries statues on Easter Island.

About the Easter Island

Easter Island is an official island of Chile, situated in the South Pacific in the middle of Tahiti and Chile. It has a limited 64 miles land including 3 dead volcanoes. If you are thinking to visit the island, you can view mysterious and strange places. On the island, many hand-carved statues are situated which are known as Moai. They have giant faces with tons of weight.

So far more than 880 statues have been found but archaeologists believe that the number may also increase as many statues may be hidden or buried. Only one of the asymmetrical statues has legs and known as Tukuturi. Most of the people believed that statues represent the ancestors, locals of those people who have constructed them.

Easter Island was discovered by the Dutch explorer with Jacob Roggeveen, the sea captain on the Easter day in 1722. Half population of the island is Polynesian; however now they have a citizenship of Chile. Easter Island is a place with a civilization, flourishing and supreme accomplishment.

Two of the hand carved Easter Island statues. Picture made by a tourist

Major Attractions

You must not forget to see major tourist attractions in Easter Island including Ahu Tahai which is a ceremonial place in Tahai. It is made of Rano Kau, beach stones, Ahu Tongariki and others. The platform provides you a great view of 15 statues facing Orongo Village. Ensure to view Rano Raraku quarry, Birdman cult, crater filled with plantation and water, the World Heritage site and the walled structures at Ahu Vinapu.

The island has only a few trees; so do not think of forests with lush green environment. Popular beaches of Easter Island for swimming are Anakena Beach, palm-fringed white sandy and Ovahe. Fishing is another enjoyment medium that you can consider to pass your time. Natives are experts in fishing and you can learn handy tips and apply them to see whether you can also catch plenty of fishes. Esteemed fish species include flying-fish, bonito, swordfish, dolphin, rock fish, ray and porpoise and shark. The number of shell fish is also very high.

Trekking different trails on Easter Island is also an adventurous way that gives a great experience of archaeological beauty. The recommended walks which are popular among tourists include the three-hour climb of Mount Terevaka, Poike peninsula and Patrimonial Route. Just walk around these places and come across the real natural beauty.

the easter island statues

What You Can Do

There is no doubt about that the central attraction of tourists is on Moai. Remember that Moai are more fragile than they appear, so you need to become very careful while observing them. Often these statues are placed on burials or ceremonial platforms known as Ahu. Ensure to not walk on the Ahu as it has disrespectful gesture. Do not follow this practice even after watching other people walking on the Ahu.

Most of the freely visited sites are available along with the coastline. People who visit first time to the island become confuse about the number of archaeological sites. Each village of the island has at least an Ahu. Thus, it is a place with full of adventurous and so many things to see. Some of the extraordinary sites are Rano Raraku and Rano Kau where you can plan to visit with your loved ones.

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