Dominican Republic Weather and Vacation


The country has several airports and these play host to a constant stream of international flights from all over the world. One can reach the Dominican Republic from America and Europe through direct flights easily. Flights to Dominican Republic are available from places such as Madrid, Miami, Atlanta, Ft. Lauderdale, San Juan and Philadelphia. The country is also well connected to most of the Caribbean islands in the region. Puerta Plata, La Romana, La Isabela, Santo Domnigo and CaboRojo are some of the domestic airports in the region. The international airports include Barahona, and Samana. However, some of the domestic airports receive international flights from nearby regions.

The country is quite popular and there are various destinations to choose from and you might have to plan your stay in advance. Most tourists can obtain an on arrival visa as well. Boat and ferry services are available from Puerto Rico but these might not be comfortable and the journey is long. Buses, and share taxis are the best mode of transports inside the country. Taxis may also be available but you may have to book them through the hotel. Inter-city travel is quite easy and there are regular private buses which connect the country.


These are efficient and relatively comfortable. While the country is relatively safe, there are certain places which you might want to avoid. Some of the poorer sections of the society are crime ridden and muggings are common here. While some sections of the country have become financially stable quite a few areas are still under the poverty line. For all accounts and purposes, The Dominican Republic is a third world country and people will always be on the lookout for easy money. Foreigners maybe targeted in some places and you would do well to stick to a group. Do not venture out of the hotel at night, especially to places which are dimly lit.

Moreover, the so called police force in the country is quite useless and you cannot depend on them to help you. Most crime remains unreported simply due to the inefficiency of the police. They hardly ever respond to distress calls and one of the main reasons cited is the lack of petrol. Cops might be nothing more than a comical farce in the region. The country does not have any strict rules relating to drunken driving. Locals are free to consume as much as they want you might want to walk along the pathways just to be safe. However, foreigners are not allowed to drink and drive and you will be penalized heavily. Bottled water is available in most places and you should stick to these. Always dress casually and do not wear any jewelry while you are walking around town.

Sex tourism in Dominican Republic is rampant and many white males travel here for this purpose. Certain areas are notorious for this and you might be harassed by women and sex workers. However, a strong no should keep them at bay but try to avoid the areas where prostitution happens. Frequent power shortages might leave you in the dark, so ensure that you pick a hotel with adequate resources. Street lights are practically unheard of in many areas.

Some of the areas which you should avoid include, Villa Consuela, Los Tres Brazos, Domingo Savio, La Puya, Santa Barbara, La Suya, El Manguito, Guachupita and some of the surrounding neighborhoods. These places are usually crime ridden and muggings are common. If you go there, make sure that you keep your head down and stick to your own business!The best places to stay in Dominican Republic include Zona Colonial, and Zona, Metropolitana.


The country is located in the hurricane belt and you must avoid the period from June to September. Malaria and dengue is a problem in jungle vicinity and you should take some precautions while travelling to the region. Due to the tropical nature of the place, humidity will be quite high during the summer months. Dehydration is a major problem for westerners. If you are travelling during the rainy season then you can expect frequent storms and flooding. The drainage system in many places is quite inadequate as well.

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