Dominican Republic

A Country With A Rich Historical Past

About The Country

The Dominican Republic is one part of the island of Hispaniola and it shares the island with Haiti. The Caribbean country is one of the most beautiful places on earth and there are countless white sand beaches in the region. However, you must not make the mistake of thinking that beaches are the only thing which the place has to offer. The country has a rich historical past and the people are peaceful and friendly. While Haiti has its share of internal problems, the Dominica Republic is quite a safe country for tourists.

The world famous explored Christopher Columbus was the first westerner to land in the region. The place was occupied by two native tribes at that point. While one of them was friendly, the other was known for being cannibals. Some form of civilization has been in existing in the country since the 15th and 16th centuries and hence it has a varied and mixed culture. One can find a distinct Spanish influence in the region due to the settlements of the time. The population of the country is mainly of African and Hispanic origin and the people are laid back and unhurried. Life in the region is slow and people never seem to be in any sort of hurry.

The country has one of the best economies in the region and the facilities and infrastructure is quite relatively good. The island is located in a tropical belt and there will be seasonal variations in temperature. The topography mainly consists of neat beaches, and dense jungles. One can also find high peaks and mountains inland. The influence of the Spain can be seen everywhere and the primary language is Spanish. Some of the local speak French and English as well. It wouldn’t hurt to learn a few basic words in Spanish.

Major Attractions

The country has some of the most spectacular beaches in the region. The crystal clear waters and fine sand Dominican Republic beaches are absolutely breathtaking and you must make it a point to stay near the coast. Most of the beach towns offer activities such as kayaking, wind surfing, diving, snorkeling, and other water sports. Some resorts arrange mountain climbing and trekking as well and the views from the top are spectacular.

You can engage in deep sea fishing, or simply take a boat ride in the calm waters. The country has a quite a few good golf courses as well if you are interested in this activity. Some of these courses are quite hard and can put even an experienced golfer to the test. You can either bring your own golf clubs or rent one from the golf resorts. The eastern National Park offers some of the best natural sightseeing spots.

If you are interested in ecotourism then the national park is a must visit. Plan a trip to the park with the help of the hotel you are staying in. Shopping centers and tourist spots are located around town and most of the beaches have a number of shacks. Most of the shopping centers sell souvenirs and interesting little things which you can take back home. You almost always have to bargain as the shopkeepers might try to charge you a little bit extra. Whale watching is a popular past time in the region and you can arrange a trip from Samana. A family of humpback whales is always present in this region and this might be a good way to spend the day.

However, the whale watching season is short and extends only from January to March. You can also find both amateur and experienced surfers in the region. The North Coast has a good surfing population and the waters are relatively safe as well. Cabarete is the place to be for those who are interested in water sports. There are a whole range of activities in this region and wind surfing is one of the most popular past times. The conditions for surfing here are extreme and only experienced surfers will be able to handle the rough breaks. You can expect the surf to go up to five meters. The La Caleta National Underwater Parkis also an excellent place to visit while you are in the region. You will get to witness breathtaking views of animals in their natural habitat.

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