Dominica Weather and Vacation

Tourists from Canada, United States, European Union and Singapore receive automatic visas for 21 days (including extensions). If you are from any other country, you need to go through immigration of Dominica to plan your tour.

Dominica has two airports, Canefield (DCF) and Melville Hall (DOM). Usually, businessmen prefer Melville Hall as it is nearby commercial centers. However, jet aircraft is not accommodated at the airport. Thus, ensure to keep this aspect in mind and make appropriate strategies for the upcoming tour. Remember to check the landing timings so that you can reach the airport at the right time. Dominica is accessible through Caribbean hubs, San Juan, Guadeloupe, Antigua, St. Maarten, Barbados and Martinique.

Boats are also available on most of the days of week. You can take a boat from Guadeloupe or Martinique and the arrival point is Roseau. There are many tourists who just want to visit the place to travel around via cruise ships and see amazing sights. Traveling in downtown areas is also an extreme experience which you might have never gone through in other parts of the world. Remember to occupy a ship dock at the industrial port which is around 1.5 miles away.

Getting Around

After reaching Dominica, you can easily find many car rental companies at both the airports. As per the rules, you have to drive on the left side of the roads. The island has turning roads around the mountains which really increases the duration of journey. If you are not comfortable to drive on such kinds of risky places, think before hiring a car and driving by your own. It is also a good ploy to hire a professional driver who is familiar to drive on such roads.

Safety Measures to Drive in Dominica

  • Beware of trucks as their huge width disturbs the balance of other vehicles on the roads.
  • Do not hesitate to ask directions, if you will lose the way to your destination. Locals are informative and have a friendly behavior.
  • Keep eyes on the road as crumbling asphalt and pot holes may be in a worst condition.
  • While crossing the mountains and rain starts, consider to stop your vehicle until the rain stops or drive in a slow speed.

Additionally, you can also consider a taxi or bus to move around. If you have a tight budget, it would be better for you to choose a bus or hitch-hiking (apart from Sundays). However, sitting in a bumpy bus is not advisable for a long journey across the mountains. Taxis are more comfortable than buses, but can cost you a lot.

If you are alone, you can look for a shared traveler who also has a same destination. It will save your plenty of bucks to spend on other things in the island. Whether you look for a taxi or bus, ensure to know the exact cost on travel to make your tour trouble-free.


There are many hotels and restaurants in Roseau (the capital of Dominica), wonderful view of mounts and small and large shops. The city buzzes with vehicles’ sound, minor commerce and Caribbean accents. An ancient British Fort is situated on the north-western side at Portsmouth. To reach the fort, you need to pay a small fee. You can easily spend 2 to 3 hours on the side with your friends or family.


The island has a tropical climate. It moderated by the heavy rainfall, northeast trade winds and flash floods. They are the normal threats that you can expected from the island. During the late summer, sometimes hurricanes also occur.

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