Dominica Food & Culture

Newtown and black boys bar are ready to serve local foods and drinks of Dominica. You can try codfish, fried plantains, bakes, tamarind balls and friend fish. If you want to add more fun to your tour, sit under the coconut trees and listen to your favorite songs and also enjoy delicious food with drink. Try freshly squeezed grapefruit with meal which is very popular among tourists. Drinking coconut water is affordable, healthy and easily available in Dominica.


Grapefruit is just the right drink with every meal in Dominica. You can easily find coconut water at reasonable rate on the road side. Additionally, sorrel is also a perfect alternative to enjoy your time. The red drink is prepared from hibiscus specie which is common in Jamaica. Drinking the famous brewed beer – Kubuli is just an amazing feeling which you have never felt before. Never miss any opportunity to enjoy brewery on the island.

There are many fruit venders available in Roseau. It is a non-pasturised fruit juice which includes sugar and water. The used water is commonly a tap water. Get in touch with a juice vender which is called as Pal who sells the juice nearby the Portsmouth bus station. Pal is one of the famous fruit venders in Dominica. Sometimes, he also provides juice of rare fruits.

Soft Drinks

If you are interested in soft drink, Quenchi is the best option which is made from various flavors. It is a local soft drink which you can easily find in most of the villages of Dominica. Even it is served with diet and in different varieties. Sorrel is a red color Christmas drink which is made from flowers (mostly boiled flowers). The taste is really wonderful that you should try once on the island.

In small cafes, you can try Avocado pear juice that is considered as a good try for tourists. There are others flavors as well including beetroot, soursop, grapefruit, passionfruit, lime and orange. Coffee is not as popular in Dominica as juice and tea among inhabitants, in certain occasions it is exception. There are a few coffee stands across the major cities of the country.


Dominica is a home of a wide variety of people with different cultures and religions. It is occupied by various native tribes including Kalinago Carib and the Arawaks tribes settled by Europeans on the island. Tourists have many things to learn in Dominica culture and apply them in their lives.

The name Massacre is dedicated to a river for the murders of native inhabitants by British and French settlers. During that point of time, the river became red with blood of villagers. Dominica is a society migrated from collectivism to individualism. It is a developing country which depends upon agriculture.

Music & Dance

The culture of Dominica is incomplete without music and dance. Traditional songs and dance are very popular among locals which they often used to enjoy. The island gained prominence of international music stage in 1973.

Facts and Figures

Land Area: 790 kilometers with 1.6 percent water

Population: 71,293 (2011)

Weather: Winds from northern, heavy rainfall and flash floods

Airport/Railway: Canefield (DCF) and Melville Hall (DOM) / No Rail Network

Boat Stop: The Tall Ship Caledonia

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