Djibouti Weather and Vacation

Before planning your tour to Djibouti, you need to get a travel visa which is required in most of the countries. You can get one visa to get in, if you are already travelling Singaporean or French passport. During a month, you can easily visit most of the places and get in touch with people of Djibouti. Transit visa is another option that is valid for 10 days.

Djibouti is connected with Dubai through Djibouti-Ambouli International Airport (JIB). It also provides flights to Yemen, Puntland, Tanzania, Madagascar, Ethiopia, Oman, United Arab Emirates, Eritrea, Saudi Arabia, Somaliland, Somalia, Egypt and others. Find out whether the direct flight is available from your country to Djibouti; otherwise, you can change the flights from different airports.

A railway line between Addis Ababa and Djibouti is also very popular to travel. After reaching the country, you can think of train to travel around. Even you can hire a car to move various tourist destinations. But you should be aware of the risks involved on the roads. It is advisable for travelers to cross check the regulations of the transit as political situations differ in Eritrea and Ethiopia.

Getting Around

Taxis are easily available in Djibouti from the airport itself. You can find many taxis at reasonable rates. Even you can get a cab or taxi from Arta, Dikhil, Ali-Sabieh and Dorale. Remember that fares can increase by fifty percent in dark. So, keep some extra money with you, if you are planning for a night out.

Stay Safe

In the list of natural hazards, the country includes droughts and earthquakes. Sometimes, cyclonic disturbances also occur from Indian Ocean that leans to flash floods and heavy rains. Thus, you should watch the weather updates before planning your tour. It will protect you and your loved ones who are thinking to visit Djibouti. It is also better to get in touch with your country’s embassy for emergency help.


Djibouti is usually remains hot and dry in entire year. It has an arid climate with rainfall around 131 mm rainfall each year. Its temperatures remain warm during December, January and February and hot in July. Thus, you should make a plan according to the climate so that you’ll not face any trouble. If you are thinking to travel with your kids, ensure to give a special priority to this aspect. Even you can pack your luggage with outfits as per the weather.

Stay Healthy

It is advisable by experts to consider a health insurance policy before visiting Djibouti. You can expect an immediate relief from treatment by hospitals and doctors. If you are planning to visit infected areas, you require a yellow fever vaccination certificate. Cholera is another serious concern in the country. Make sure to consider a latest advice before visiting the place.

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