Djibouti is situated in the northern East of Africa that always attracted me. Its rich culture has so many things to learn from and implement in life. The country is divided into three regions: ranges of mountain in the north, southern parts and the coastal plain.

About the Country

Djibouti is bordered by the Eritrea to the north, Somalia to the southeast and Ethiopia to the south and west. The Gulf of Aden is situated to the east. Maximum area of Djibouti is arable. Its environment is arid, hot and humid, mostly during summer. However, the constant breeze from the coastal city of Djibouti gives a sigh of relief to live in.

If you are planning to visit Djibouti, it is better to travel from October to April. During that point of time, the temperature is a lot cooler with frequent rains. So, you can make an appropriate plan and enjoy your good time with family or friends. Mostly, citizens of the country speak Afar, French, Somali and Arabic. Around 94 percent people of the country are Muslims and 6 percent are Christians.

Major cities of the country are Djibouti (capital of the country), Dikhil, Ali Sabieh, Khor Angar, Yoboki, Obock, Tadjoura and Balho. Trust me friend, it is a nice country to visit and enjoy your time. Ensure to collect the information about it so that you’ll not suffer from any trouble while traveling around.

Major Attractions

You can easily get a taxi from the airport itself to start your travel in Djibouti. Even you can get it from Arta, Dikhil, Ali-Sabieh and Dorale. The fare to travel can rise by 50% at night. Lake Abhe situated on the border of Ethiopia is an attractive area to visit. The lake is surrounded by a lunar-esque landscape and limestone chimneys. Lake Assal is also a popular tourist destination among travelers which is the lowest point of Africa. Other major attraction points of Djibouti are Tadjoura, Khor Ambado, Obock Region, Dikhil Region, Tadjourah Region Ali Sabieh Region and Arta Region.

The country is one of the best tourist spots in northeastern Africa. It has gained the popularity among travelers very quickly.

Khor Ambado

Khor Ambado is one of the main beaches in Djibouti and known as a center of attraction.  The sandy beach is a perfect place for picnic. Tourists can look for snorkeling as well. It is situated far away from the crowd of the city where you can relax with a peace of mind. If you want to enjoy beach sports, Khor Ambado is one of the best destinations in the country.

Lake Assal

Lake Assal is also called as Bahr al Assal which is another tourist spot in Djibouti. It is situated to the western side of the Djibouti city. It is popular for marine life. Salt density of this place is around 35 to 40 centimeters thick. Due to the high salt density, Lake Assal becomes a famous salt reserve in the country. It is surrounded by mountains, which give an extraordinary sight.

Lake Abbe

Lake Abbe is another famous tourist spot in the country. It is located in the Ethiopia-Djibouti which connects it to other lakes in Africa. The lake has 50 meter limestone chimneys. If you are thinking to visit Lake Abbe, ensure to view the sunrise in that place. Also, you can watch various pink flamencos to pass your good time. Tourists specially visit the place to come across flamingoes. Some scenes of the movie Planet of the Apes were shot in Lake Abbe.


Tadjoura is one of the oldest cities of Djibouti. If you want a few days break from your daily busy schedule, it is the best place to visit. There are number of resorts & hotels in Tadjoura that provide excellent food and accommodations. To enjoy the splendid sights, tourists visit the place from different parts of the world. Fishing is one of the best ways to pass your good time.

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