Costa Rica Vacation and Weather


Visa restrictions are quite limited in Costa Rica and you will be allowed to stay for a maximum of three months without a Visa. Costa Rica is also well connected by and frequent flights from places such as Chicago, Dallas, Montreal, Toronto, Houston, Mexico City, Bogota, Atlanta, Phoenix, Los Angeles, New York and many others places. You will also have to pay a border fee while exiting from the country. You will have to pay this by cash and ensure that you carry sufficient excess cash with you. Some hotels accept advance cash for this purpose as well. But if you are staying a low budget hotel then you might not want to trust them. The Juan Santa Maria Airport is the international airport which serves San Jose, Alajuela and nearby regions. Boats and cruises from Panama are also available and these might not be a bad option either.

The Daniel Oduber International Airport serves the pacific side of the country and this is also well connected to certain cities. Flights from places such as Miami, Chicago, Houston, and Atlanta and so on arrive on a daily basis. The new terminal at the airport is excellent and provides modern facilities to the traveler.

You can also get into the country by bus from places such as Panama, Mexico and Honduras and Guatemala. The best way to get around the country is by bus. Frequent buses are available to most of the towns in the country from the capital. Buses are cheap and very safe. Even if you do not speak Spanish you will be able to communicate with them easily. The tourist office will provide all the information which you require relating to bus travel.

As long as you have a valid license you can easily rent a car. This would probably cost you anywhere between $300 and $700 per week. Cars are the best way to get to the secluded beaches and they provide independence. However, ensure that you do not over speed as cops are always on the lookout for foreigners. Since the locals do not have any money, foreigners are the biggest target for the local police. Always use a trusted agent while renting a car or some of these companies may try to con you. Check for scratched and bumps and report them before you opt for the car. The country has a very high rate for accidents and you should have a valid insurance as well.

Internal flights connect most of the towns in the region but you will be allowed to carry only limited luggage. The flight fares will vary according to the season and fuel cost. Sansa and Nature Air are the main internal carriers. Nature Air has bigger planes and hence they allow extra baggage. Always check with the carrier before you book your tickets.


The period from December to April is the best time to visit Costa Rica. This is the summer season and days are sunny while nights are pleasant. Due to the tropical nature of the country humidity is a huge factor and you should be prepared for it. The winter season is characterized by heavy rainfall and this might not be ideal for tourism.


Yellow fever is a major concern and people traveling from other South American countries require a certificate. Some parts of the country are also crime ridden and the narcotics trade fuels robberies and violent gang related crime. Bus stops and certain public places are crime centers so always be wary. Keep a constant eye on your luggage whether you are traveling bus or by taxi. Since prostitution is legal in the country you might find people trying to solicit in certain areas. Avoid these places if possible and rejected advances with a firm no. If they continue to hound you, just walk away quickly. Always take someone with you if you are going out at night. If you travel in a group then the chances of getting molested, robbed or raped reduce drastically. Avoid the poorer sections of town as they may be dangerous. Avoid using the overhead compartments in buses, as most thefts occur from this location.

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