Costa Rica

Costa Rica sticks out like a sore thumb in South America due to its advancements in terms of infrastructure and human care. It is considered to be one of the best travel destinations and its attractions range from breathtaking scenery to vast expanses of lovely beaches. The country offers the coast of the Caribbean Sea on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other. The geography and topography of the country is very varied and one can find salt water marshes, thick tropical jungles and as well as tall peaks in the country.

Since the country is bordered by two different water bodies the underwater fauna is varied and spectacular. Costa Rica is one of the few places where you will witness the amazing sight of dolphins and whales playing offshore. Dolphin sighting is not a rare phenomenon and often pods enter the shallows and splash around with the humans as well. Due to the volcanic nature of the country, there is countless hot springs which can be found here as well. Costa Rica is one of the most open and liberal societies in the continent. While many countries in the Caribbean region frown upon homosexuality, Costa Rica has no such qualms. The people are friendly, warm and welcoming, although the poorer areas might be a little dangerous due to the drug trade. By and large the people of Costa Rica are one of the most relaxed and laid back in the region.

Major Attractions

Unless you spend more than six months in the country you are unlikely to cover all the activities which Costa Rica has to offer. While the beaches on the Pacific side of the country are the main attractions there are plenty of other options as well. Some of the popular beach towns in the country include Corvocado, Dominical, Tortuguero, Jaco and Tamarindo. Tamarindo is an up market location which offers some of the best shopping in the region. Surfers are often found at Dominical while Corvocado offers black sand beaches. These beaches have rough surf and are not suitable for amateurs. You might want to bring your surf boards and equipment as well. Eco tourism in Costa Rica is picking up speed and certain beaches offer turtle and manatee sightings.

Costa Rica is a country of countless rivers and options for rafting are numerous. If you are interested in white water rafting then Turrialba is the place to go to. While some rivers are ideal for kayaking and slow paddling, some are suitable for serious adventure seekers. Pacuare River, Savegre River and Coto Brus are some of the best options.

The Pacific part of the country offers some excellent opportunities for hardcore fishing. Snapper, tuna, marling and other large fish are often caught for sport and this is a dangerous yet exhilarating experience. The mountainous nature of some sections offer opportunities for biking, however you might have to bring your own vehicles. Irazu and Arenal areas are the main hotspots for mountain biking. Golf courses are available throughout the country and some of them hold open tournaments as well. If you fancy a put then you will never be far away.

San Jose offers the best options for nightlife and clubbing. El Pueblo is the center for all night time activities and this includes clubs, discos, hotels and restaurants. If you fancy a bite after a night out there are several places which you can opt for as well. The place is quite safe even during the night but ensure that you travel in a group just to be sure.

Bird watching is one of the most popular past times in the country. There are a large variety of birds in the region and you can find around 800 different species around the country. Since there are several bird watching spots, they won’t be crowded and overrun with tourists. Moreover, the birds which are seen in the coastal regions are very different from those which are found inland. Costa Rica also boasts of a rich variety in wildlife and most of these are found in the tropical jungles of the region. Some of the species include sloths, wild cats and tapirs. Rain forests and volcanic mountains are common throughout the region.

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