Cook Islands Vacation and weather

How to get there?

The first thing that one encounters is where to get the Visa to enter this place. You can get it at any embassy of New Zealand. There is some departure tax as well to these islands. This involves NZ$ 55 for the adults, no tax for the children below 2 years and NZ$ 15 for the children between 2-12 years. The other important thing to bear in mind is the advance booking in any hotel or resort. If you don’t have this, you are likely to be sent back in the very next flight.

Since there is Rarotonga International Airport so you don’t really have to worry about the flights as there are many available. You can easily catch a flight from Auckland, Sydney, Fiji and Los Angeles etc. Besides these Rarotonga is one of the stops of the flights going round the world.

Apart from these there are also some cruises are available as well. For example the cruises from Tahiti stop at Rarotonga. In case you are planning to use the ship to travel to these islands, it is important that you enter these islands through any of the five regular ports. These are both in south and the north. In the former there are Rarotonga, Atiu and Aitutaki and Pukapuka and Penrhyn in the later.

Going around

To ferry the people between the islands here is inter-island service provided by Rarotonga Airlines. The flights van be booked either through New Zealand, which is more costly or directly though the Rarotonga Airlines. These flights carry the people to different islands there. Apart from the flights, the other option is the though the boats, which is far cheaper. Within an island you may easily book a cab or go for the not so frequent car rentals.

Climate and weather conditions

The climate in Cook Islands is tropical. However, it is not that harsh as it is more frequently soothed by the trade winds. There is some variation in the temperatures of islands in the north and those in the south but overall there is not much variation in the temperature of a place throughout the year. For instance, in Rarotonga the maximum temperature fluctuates between the 25 degrees in winter and 29 degrees in summers. Summer here is between November and April. So there really is not any difference as to what is the best time to visit this place but since the famous humpback whale migration occurs between July and October, making winter the obvious choice to visit these gracious islands.

Safety tips

Cook Islands are one of the world’s most peaceful places to stay. The people over here are very good and modest. The safety precaution involve to not go barefooted beyond the beaches as there are a number of sharp coral stones. You also have to be careful while coming-down or going-up the terrain through the stairs that connect the lower parts of the island to the hills as many of these don’t have railings. This especially becomes more important when you are drunk or have children along. The people with “alto phobia” need to be extra cautious here.

There also have been rise in the case related to the motorcycle accidents. Be cautious at that front as well. The water is usually well treated but still rely more on the packaged water when you are traveling outside. The other problem here is the mosquitoes, which might cause you infection.

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