Cook Islands

The Cook Islands is a group of 15 islands in the South Pacific Ocean. These are one of the world’s best locations to spend a vacation and make a dream place for the couples. These islands offer the visitors terrific environment and scenic beauty to relax and seek tranquility. The vast and sandy Cook Islands beaches, greenish-blue sea and the good fauna make these islands a must watch place for the tourists.

These Islands are located north-east of New Zealand in the South Pacific Ocean. The total area of these islands is around 240 sq. km but the influence of its economic zone extends several thousand sq. miles in the waters. It has French Polynesia in the east and Tonga to the west. These are in free association with the New Zealand and have a self-governing democracy there.

The islands have been named after Captain Cook, who discovered these in 1770. Cook Islands were ruled by the British between 1888 and in 1900 these islands were handed over to New Zealand. The people choose the self government in 1965, along free association with New Zealand, which manages all the external affairs, currency, passports etc but internally the people led government exercises its control.

These islands offer a beautiful and picturesque terrain and have the added benefit of pleasant weather conditions throughout the year. This group of 15 islands are scattered with seductive and mesmerizing million Square mile Ocean around, makes it a perfect honeymoon locations especially with vast and bright Cook Islands beaches. The Rarotonga is the largest of these islands and is highly volcanic. This is however, the highly populated island and has an international airport as well.

 Major Attractions

The Cook Islands make one of the top most places to be visited. There are a lot of attractions from natural to made carved ones. The vast and pristine beaches, plethora of vegetation, lush green scenery and breathtaking lagoons. These make some of the extraordinary honeymoon location.

Aitutaki Lagoon Cruise: This Island is the remotest of all the islands and blessed with rolling hills and stunningly beautiful villages. There are around 20 coral reefs, which are low lying and line this island. The beaches of Aitutaki are palm fringed and are covered with white sand. The fresh and deep greenish blue waters make this an ideal place for swimming and snorkeling like activities. Besides these, there are some fabulous hotels in  here to accommodate the guests. This island is often regarded as the Jewel among all the Cook Islands.

Wigmore’s Waterfall (Papua Waterfall): This is one of the most wonderful places here with vast natural flora and fauna. If you happen to visit these islands, don’t miss this amazing place. This is more often regarded as the place better suited for trekking like adventurous activities. Apart from the traditional trekking, the famous trekking is the done through pony treks, organized here.

Rarotonga and Atiu islands Whale watching: One of the important activities in the trip to Cook Islands is watching the humpback whales when they are migrating. The two islands Rarotonga and Aitu are the two best places for this adventurous activity. While watching them from anywhere it is important that these majestic sea mammals are not disturbed. This is what makes these islands the best for such and activity as the reef is in close vicinity of the shore so it becomes easy to look at them. The season for this activity is July to October.

Apart from all these the best thing that these islands are known is for being one of the finest places for honeymoon couples. There are many people who get married here. The marriages taking place here are internationally valid and recognized. The reason why these islands have developed as a wedding place is due the greater inclination of the people to go for beach wedding. This probably is the reason why these islands bear a number of wedding halls, stylish cafeteria and some luxurious resorts.

These islands offer it all from scuba diving and snorkeling to hiking and trekking. Be it fishing, a cruise to lagoon, sightseeing, traversing the beaches or cultural site seeing, this place is the equally good for all.

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