Comoros Islands Vacation and weather

The Comoros Islands are one of the best places to visit. The main reason is the vast activities and sites one can indulge into. No matter what interests you, you will definitely find something to cheer about. From the vast and sandy beaches of Comoros Islands, deep and blue sea, lush green vegetation, hilly terrain and the grand architecture, this country has everything in it. After the years of turmoil and coups, this country has more or less settled in now with each of the islands given more autonomy.

How to reach?

While planning the trip to the islands the first thing that comes to mind is about reaching this place. This nation despite being one of the poorest is stepping towards success. You may easily catch flights to Comoros Islands from different countries. The Kenyan Airways flies flights direst to these islands. This connects the flights from Dubai, London, Paris and Mumbai. The flights from Comores Aviation connect Tanzania and Madagascar; African Express links to Mombasa, Dubai; Air Austral Marseille and Paris. There are regular flights available from Air Madagascar and Precision Air does it thrice a week from Tanzania.

Boats and Cars

There are also boats to Comoros Islands available as well. These are mainly available from Zanzibar and Madagascar. These timing and the dates are not reliable but are relatively less costly. You need to meet the captains for striking the deal and the fare. Once you reach these islands it is better to hire any Comoros Islands cars. This should enable you get the better of the time constrain and should allow you see the maximum of the places in lesser time. Cars are frequently available on Grand Comoros. However, if you are seeking and adventure, then you don’t have to spend on the cars and can explore the places on your own.

Apart from all these there are boats available to take travellers from one island to the other. There are no buses in this country. The hitch-hiking is the commonest form of transport there. There are flights available but stand on the costlier side. The main airport is on Grand Comoros and is called Hahaya Airport, which is just 40 minutes from the Moroni, the capital city.

Safety Tips

This place is calm and people too here are hospitable but the threat from thieves and goons is there. You have to make your safety sure by hiring a local guide, who can sense the danger and being a local will also help you access the maximum number of good places. You also don’t have to roam around in the dark. There is no harm in being out at night at the places with some active night-life. 

Another important thing to be kept in mind is the safety while scuba diving, snorkeling and fishing like activities. There are some marine animals which may do considerable harm to you. These include sting rays, sharks, snakes etc. There is also the need of the safety precautions when you indulge in activities like trekking and cycling. While the terrain is hilly, you must know the path well or should be accompanies by any local. There is always the threat of being lost in the woods and threat of beasts. If you are a professional, you better be in a group and should be well equipped.

Care is also to be taken in the eating habits in Comoros Islands. It is better not to eat anything unless it is cooked well. There are though some large and wild fruits but still there are chances of falling sick because of the unclean food or the food which you are not used to.


The weather conditions in Comoros Islands are tropical maritime climate. A common with most of the islands, there is little variation in the temperature throughout the year. However, there are humidity varies. These islands receive a lot of rainfall throughout the year. There two weather conditions are prominent here—one is the hot and humid (November to April) and the dry season (May to October). The May and October season is preferred by the visitors due less inconvenience that occurs because of the rainfall. There are also strong winds and cyclones created here because of the low pressure difference.

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