Comoros Islands Foods and Culture

Culture in Comoros Islands is a real intermix of several nations. The reason behind this is the influx of people from different regions. Ever since these islands have been inhabited, these islands have been occupied by different communities; the major turnaround has been with the introduction of Islam in the 10th century. This is the reason why there is predominantly the Muslims majority.

The next thing that played a crucial role in the development of culture in this land was the French rule. Thus the culture is a mix of French and Arabian Culture. The architecture though is majorly the Arab origin and there are still a lot of buildings, especially mosques with Arab architecture.

The language of this nation is Bantu, which has words from Arabic and French. This is spoken in all the three islands here with some variation. Every composite island has its own way of speaking this language.

The people of these islands are very gentle and humble. They make best hosts and would often welcome people to their homes and also hold them high in esteem. The religious influence is clearly seen with some sort of conservatism but things are changing rapidly with more exposure of the people to the outside world.

Food and Drinks

The food in Comoros Islands is not generally that good because of the predominant habits of the people to eat raw food. Once you have food, you have to make sure that it is properly cooked. The sea-foods make the majority of the food items besides some of the best fruits in the world. The common fruit here is a large green fruit called Jackfruit. This is approx. 1.5 to 2 feet in length.

However, with the opening of several hotels in the Islands, a number of restaurants have been thrived offering an increasing number of cuisines. The drinks include mainly alcohol of Indian and Chinese origin that is available for the visitors. Castle beer from Africa is also available here. But a majority of the people uses the cheap boxed wine of France that is more frequently available here.

 Facts and Figures

Area:                          2170 km Sq.

Population:               773,407 (2010 estimate)

Weather:                   Tropical Maritime

Nearest Airport:       Hahaya Airport

Currency:                  Comoran Franc (KMF)

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