Cocos Islands Vacation and weather

Cocos Islands are believed to have tectonic and volcanic origin. This breathtaking place is one of the top ten scuba diving spots in the world. The main reason behind this is vast variety of oceanic life there. The expert divers who have been to this place will definitely ask anyone it is a must-go place.

Almost three-fourth of the earth’s surface is covered with water but the biological diversity in oceans is spread and the place where there are maximum varieties is considered the best place for scuba diving. This is exactly what this place provides to the visitors. Looking at the marine animals, they need both the shallow and deep waters during different phases of their life.

Since Cocos Islands provides the best combination of deep and shallow waters to the marine animals. This is the reason why there is such a big diversity of marine animals in here. The famous diving with schooling hammerhead shark is done here.


The climatic conditions in Cocos Islands are not that friendly. The climatic conditions here are typical inter-tropical Convergence Zone. It really is hot and here. The type of climatic condition make it weather and during the raining seasons (March-December), it rains almost every day for a couple of hours. Total amount of rainfall here amount to about 400 inches per year. The water conditions are greatly influenced by the currents which originate in the Pacific Ocean and show convergence to this island.

 Planning a travel

There are no direct flights to Cocos Islands and the international tourists reach here through Costa Rica. Since this island is just 300 miles from its coast, the convenient way to reach this place is through boats. There are two famous dive boats which makes the rounds to this island in every ten days. These boats are well equipped and take people for a trip to this island. The two famous boats to Cocos Islands are Undersea Hunter and Oceanus Aggressor.

In order to step on this island you need to have the permission of Costa Rica government, especially if you are planning to do the treasure hunting. So far 400 major expeditions have been held there. Thousands of people who tried in small groups or individually have also tried in vain.

Cocos Islands are believed to have the treasures hidden inside from different pirates and also the infamous Treasure of Lima. Besides these the treasures from Benito Bonito and Captain Bennett Graham are also believed to be there.

Apart from the expeditions you can do the best scuba diving here and also get to plant your feet on the land. The people mostly try to roam inside the island on foot but there are also Cocos Islands bikes, which ferry the people inside the island.

 Safety tips

This is really a wonderful place to visit. Though this place doesn’t pose much threats but the attractive water is far more dangerous if the care is not taken. There are a lot of snakes, poisonous sting rays and eels and also the killer sharks. These can be easily seen when you are near the waters.

Every time you do the diving, snoring or fishing like activities, you really need to be careful of these animals. Apart from your safety, you should also make sure the safety of the ecosystem as well. There is no doubt no much human traffic to this island but there definitely is threat from the human activities like use of petrol or diesel boats and killing of sharks and other sea food.

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