Cocos Islands

Unparalleled marine life experience


Around 300 miles from the south-west coast of Costa Rica there is a beautiful piece of land in the Eastern Tropical Pacific, called Cocos Islands. This island is often confused with Cocos (keeling) Islands, which is a part of Australia and is 2750 km from Perth. This is located in the middle of Indian Ocean. This island is famous for the pirates and the treasures which have been buried on this island.

Cocos Islands is a rugged place and is blessed with unmatched flora and fauna, which has made it a source of attraction for the world wide tourists. There island has three bays with small land providing some beautiful beaches. This place is not inhabited by the people and is one of the sacred Costa Rica national parks. The island is almost rectangular in shape and is located in the Pacific Ocean, some 550 km off the Costs Rica’s pacific coast.

Cocos Islands has gained much fame in the world ever since these have been explored. One of the many best features of this island is the beautiful water surrounding it with strong counter currents. The scuba divers from all over the world dream of such a place. The rich biological diversity of this place keeps it as a top priority for the visitors. There are not many places where the scuba divers find such variety of species at the same place.

The common animals seen over here are dolphins, sailfish, white tip reef sharks, mantas and marbled rays, schooling hammerhead shark, giant moray eels and not so frequently whale shark. Apart from these there are also silver tip sharks, octopus, jacks and tuna, Creole fish, silky sharks, green turtles and marlin etc.

This is the main reason why this place has been named among the top ten scuba destinations of the world by Professional Association of Diving Instructors (PADI). Some of the experts have named this place as must-look out for destination for the divers.

The land surface is quite small and measures around 23.8 sq. km. This bears a considerable quantity of pigs and not much else. This small island bears around 200 waterfalls in such a small area, which is more often occupied by dense vegetation and hilly terrain. The forests here are dense and include a large number of varieties.

At least 235 species of flowering have been identified here. There are not many ways you can get on to the island surface, you need to get the permission from the rangers—who along with a few local guides make the only human population here. These rangers allow some to move on the lands but people can’t take anything from the island, not even a flower and can’t stay there overnight.

If you are able to step on this island, you will be amazed with the mesmerizing beauty of Cocos Islands. The main source to travel on the island is on foot but there are also some bikes available as well, which could be hired to reach upper reaches. Walking on the foot on these islands is a great experience.

You can also avail the services of the guides who will help you safely reach the upper locations and see a different world altogether. The top places present the astonishing view of the whole island and the neighboring ocean. For some time, you will definitely feel yourself in the middle of never ending waters.

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