How to Organize a Tour to Christmas Island

It demands planning, and study of the available options before planning. The resources are limited and require advanced booking, so you don’t end up in problems once you reach here. Internet can help you book for various activities on the island. Following are a few of the popular options to be booked in advance. You can study these options and select those befitting your interests and taste.

  1. Orientation Tour: The facility is available only two days a week and can exceptionally be availed for a third day i.e. Saturday. You are guided by qualified professionals on your way to explore the island and its culture. It particularly includes your tour into the Christmas Island National Park. The tourism association of the island issues guidelines regarding your preparations for this tour. The tour is organized along the coastal road and you also pass on your way through the Ma Chor Nui Nui temple. It is a Chinese temple dedicated to an oceanic goddess. You are introduced with the history of the island including its discovery and development of infrastructure on the land in due historical course. You also pass through the Smiths Point to see the arms and ammunitions of the army. You are introduced the Japanese invasion during the Second World War, while you pass near Tai Jin House. The Poon San is the main community area inhabited predominantly by Chinese people. You end up wondering the development of all the basic civil amenities including school, recreation center, cricket ground and hospitals.
  2. Seasonal Crab Discovery Tours: If you are planning to visit in the last months of the year, you may have privilege to witness the spectacular ocean of red crabs over the entire island. This is the time when for weeks the crabs migrate from deep forests to the sea to lay their eggs into water. The land during that time looks red! On your Red Crab Discovery tour, you may be expected to cross some steep mountains that will demand a little strength and above-the-minimal fitness level. You learn a lot of interesting facts and rather witness the facts about the red crabs in the course of this exciting tour.
  3. Nature Tour: Nature tour around the Christmas Island is organized along the North South Baseline Road. You pass through the Pink House that is an educational and research point; you witness the wild life closely but safely. Included on the course of this tour are also the Dales Waterfalls. You enjoy your moderate walk under the forest canopy. You can photograph wide forest flora and fauna that include various types of crabs (ghost crabs, blue crabs, and also the famous red crabs). The flora is also rich including the Tahitian Chestnuts with their uniquely convoluted roots.  
  4. Beach and Jungle Tour: It is organized through the mid of the Christmas Island National Park and the Grants Well. The route passes through the 4WD to Great Beach that is famous for viewing green turtles in particular seasons. The course also includes the Dolly beach and you can also encounter the Robber Crabs.
  5. Bird Tour: This tour is loaded with endless opportunities, if you are interested in photography. Starting from the Silver Bosun Birds, you will come across wide varieties of Frigates Birds as you pass through the selected earmarked points that harbor settlements for the birds. You have fascinating opportunities of photography as the birds are within your arms reach. Lily Beach and Ethal Beach are all on the way of this special tour. Booby birds of various kinds and the endemic Golden Bosun Birds are extremely fascinating. Various kinds of crabs are an additional advantage for photography. Flying foxes and Abbott’s Booby can also be occasionally witnessed on the way. The tour concludes through the Margaret’s Knoll that offers spectacular views of the eastern coast and Territory Day Park.

You can choose from the above list of tours and many more. Be aware that a few of the tours will seek a minimal physical fitness and you may need to walk on the ways that you will not find comfortable. All the required belongings and other criteria can readily be confirmed from the office of tourism association of the island from its website.

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