Christmas Island

A Secluded Corner on Earth

When you plan for such a secluded place on earth, you have to plan well in advance. The land of Christmas Island is not known for its population (that counts less than 1500), but the tiny corner of earth is known for pure nature with its myriad flora and fauna. While on your cruise to Christmas Island, you are literally away from mainland earth spending your time in the region that has been least traversed by human beings and most by the annual immigrant red crabs!

Christmas Island offers some most wonderful facets of nature. The phenomenal annual red crab migration, extraordinary birds, the beaches that are inhabited by turtles only and the rich marine life—the facets of unexploited nature are endless. Plethora of flora and fauna species is often called the Galapagos of the Indian Ocean. Over 50 percent of the island is a national park of Australia. There are roads and rail across the island. The flights to this Australian territory are limited, but once you reach here, you are in the lap of Mother Nature away from the hustle and bustle of modern busy life. It will seem you are on another planet away from earth. The island is calling the wanderers to kiss its virgin soil.

Scuba diving is one of the main attractions at the island for tourists. The ocean around the island has the deepest regions of Indian Ocean and it adds to the charm of scuba diving here. The island makes for an ideal platform to roam into the oceanic life as the depth only a few meters off the shore is unimaginable! Warm clean water of Indian Ocean has unexplored corals, myriad species of tropical fish, dolphins, whales and sharks. The oceanic wonderland opens up before you in its full.

The reef around the island seems to lead to a bottomless ocean! Its northern coast is particularly reported to have host of unexplored corals of the world like the plate corals and Acropora. These are home to a wide range of marine species like butterfly and surgeon fishes, wrasse, eels, gobies and anemones and so on. The picturesque species attract photographers from around the globe to this island. Interested in an encounter with shark? Christmas Island is a sacred land for it!

Whaleshark is giant but gentle at the same time. Won’t it be a grace to have this marine miracle before your naked eyes on this island while it will emerge on an occasional show off? You have only to plan a trip  anytime between November and April. You can readily be assured about your safety concerns while scuba diving from this island. It is because the service providers are qualified and they have to observe strict legal norms as prescribed by the Government of Australia.

Annual red crab feast

The spectacular experience can be enjoyed at the outset of wet season. You can get to know the exact projected dates during the months of October and November every year. What happens during this time is that enormous population of red crabs migrates from the forests towards to ocean where they have to lay the eggs (in ocean). As the breeding season  is almost the same across the island, the period becomes spectacular for the tourists. The outset of rain provides the moist conditions required for the massive migration of the crabs. The mysterious nature displays its wonders as the laying of egg and the tide in the sea are both related to the lunar cycle. This ensures that the laid eggs are drawn to the sea. These both happen during the last quarter of the moon. For example, the dates of lunar cycle will fall around 20th each of October, November and December of the current year. The exact month will be decided by the weather conditions.

The process of migration towards the sea followed by spawning and return to the forests takes about three weeks to one month. The earth needs to be moist and there should be shade for this migration else loss of water under stern sun may lead to dehydration and death of the crabs. So, it is mostly during the morning and the late evening hours when the river-like streams of crabs can be seen pouring into the ocean. The only magic is that there is a ‘reverse river’ as well after the spawning is over. The path of this flow of ‘crab river’ remains unaltered for years together and the streams make the way over and around any obstacle that may come in the way. Don’t you feel you are taken onto some other planet? It is like that. You can conveniently add the bird watching and the walking into the deep nature to make the exotic experience complete.

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