Cayman Islands Vacation and Weather

The coral reefs and the crystal clear water make the Cayman Island perfect spot for divers. These islands are also relatively very calm so a number of people come here to seek peace of mind and rest. This makes it important to understand the weather conditions so as to maximize the comfort and also avoid the inconvenience.

Climate and topography

The climatic conditions here are tropical marine. Summers here are warm and receive considerable rainfall during the winters are dry and also cooler. These are low lying islands with the highest point being The Bluff which is located on Cayman Brac. Corals form the major part of these islands, which surround the limestone base. The origin is seems to be the sedimentation not the usual volcanic eruption, which forms most of the island.

When to visit?

From the weather conditions it is quite clear that winter is the best time to visit Cayman Islands. The time period between November and April is preferred by the tourists because of the weather is relatively cool and they are able to roam around comfortably. Scuba diving, which is the attraction of this place, is preferred in winters because of the better water temperature and also there are less chances of rainfall.

The Hurricanes which struck this place are the most problematic thing. These also don’t strike in winters but more commonly in June, when the weather is warm. The hurricanes result because of the pressure differences which are created when the temperature on land is higher. This decreases the pressure and causes hurricanes. All these reasons make the winter a special,  worry free and the best time for vacation in the Islands.

Planning a trip to Cayman Islands 

With so much of fun and excitement waiting for you at the Islands, you must plan a visit to this place. There are several countries particularly from Europe, Australia, Africa and America, which have a free entry to these islands. So you don’t have to struggle much on getting the permission to this place. All you need to do is to book a flight to these gracious Islands and spent some quality time there.


There are three airports in the three main regions where flights to Cayman Islands land from different countries. While the Edward Bodden Airfield (LYB) on Little Cayman and the Gerrard-Smith International Airport (CYB) are smaller in size, major traffic and maximum number of flights land directly at the Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM). The flights to this place are available directly from Havana, Toronto, Miami, London, Houston & Newark Atlanta, Honduras (La Ceiba, San Pedro Sula, Tegucigalpa, and Roatan), Fort Lauderdale and Fort Lauderdale. Besides these there are frequent flights between these three regions to ferry travelers conveniently.


Although ships are not frequently used to travel to these islands but are important way to bring in the essential commodities from various locations. Maximum import still comes through the ships. George Town which is located on the Grand Cayman is an important port, especially the cruise ships.

Rented Cars 

There are cars available on rent as well. You need to meet the age criteria and if you are 21, you can easily avail a car on rent. The driving here is on the left side. It is also important you get the temporary license from any local police station. Apart from these scooter and mopeds are also available on rental basis.

Safety precautions

Although the islands are relatively calm and peaceful compared to other Caribbean Islands but you need to be careful as the incidents related to snatching, sexual assaults are on high. You should avoid travelling alone at night even on the motorcycle. Women particularly need to be cautious while travelling alone. Though there is some night life at Cayman Islands at the places with huge tourist rush. Not much is there towards the countryside.

There is also the threat of hurricanes here so you must pay heed to the meteorological warnings while venturing on the beaches. You also need to make your safety sure while walking on the roads because drunken cases of accidents are on rise.

The most important thing to consider is the cultural beliefs of the people here. They are somewhat conservative and do not approve the public display of love. This is applicable to both Gay and straights. You need to respect the beliefs of the people here and you will get a good response from them because they really are nice, warm and quite humble people.

Safety of Health

While people mainly depend on the sea foods and would prefer fish but you need to be careful about what suits your health. There are some people who would happily eat barracuda, which may prove poisonous. Apart from these there are not many health concerns regarding the food as other reef fishes are not harmful.

There is also the problem of water. There is no fresh water and people have to rely on the desalination of the sea water. Some people also preserve the rain water. The sun rays are more penetrating here and sun shines almost throughout the year. So it is highly recommended that you use the sunscreen cream or support an umbrella while you walk around in the sun.

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