Cayman Islands Foods and Culture

Cayman Islands have been known since the 16th century with their discovery by the Columbus. It though was an accidental discovery as his ship lost its way because of the strong winds and reached Cayman Islands beaches. The people of these islands have had only a few means of earning the livelihood and sea was the main reserve. The ship making, voyaging and the like used to be the main activities of the people. They would mainly use the home made equipment to do various activities like using the coral fans to mesh the flour and using the silver thatch palm to make a variety of hats, roofs, baskets and ropes etc.

Since being a perfect location for spending the vacation, a majority of the people are associated with the tourism. In fact, tourism accounts for about 70 pc of the GDP of Cayman Islands. While the tourist each this place there are several things they need. This provides all the inhabitants an excellent opportunity to get one or the other facility and offer it to the visitors. These facilities are many more in number because of the huge number of activities that the tourists indulge into. So it is not restricted merely to hotels and guides.

Cayman Islands were colonized by the British government so have the maximum influence of the English culture but since they ruled over these islands via Jamaica, the cultural influence of Jamaica was obvious. What makes these islands a place of no distinct culture is the intermixing of people from variety of countries. The people from America and Europe are in the majority but make only 60 percent of the total population. This is the main reason the Cayman Islands have don’t have a distinct cultural identity.

Even today when thousands of people visit this place, there are lots of changes being made. The ethnic beliefs of a majority of the population don’t vary much with Christianity the most practiced religion, with a small number of people following the traditional beliefs. The languages spoken are mainly English, which is official along with the Creole.

These are a bunch of some finest people of the world in terms of decency and the respect, they give to the visitors. They believe if you respect someone, he will respect you in return. They are a bit conservative so the visitors need to be careful about the public display of affection. You just have to stay within the limits and do things the way they like it; you will surely receive great appreciation from them.

 Food and Drinks

As most of the food articles are imported to this place. All in all there are over two hundred restaurants spread across the three regions of these islands. The top dishes include the Tacos, Italian dishes like fresh pasta, pizza and seafood and the Gnocchi etc. Most of the famous world drinks are available here. The drinks cost higher here, which is common case at islands.

The Sea foods are very dominant. The traditional food of Cayman Islands is the turtle. Conch is also very popular. It is served in a variety of ways—may be even served as raw. Apart from these fish is a most often cooked item. The beef is considered as a luxury item and is served mainly on special occasions like Christmas. The traditional drinks include corn pineapple and sorrel. The drinks of fruits like apples, grapes etc are also severed but on special occasions as these are costly.

Facts and Figures

Area:                          262 km Sq.

Population:               54,878 (2010)

Weather:                   Tropical Marine

Nearest Airport:       Owen Roberts International Airport (GCM)

Currency:                  Cayman Islands dollar (KYD)

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