Cayman Islands

Cayman Islands—an Exhilarating Caribbean Tourist Destination 

This is an island group located around 90 miles from Cuba in the Caribbean Sea. These make the best place to relax and spend some memorable moments with you loved ones and the family members. Cayman Islands beaches make a perfect romantic place and have a rejuvenating capacity. When one visits this place for the first time, this proves to be the most exciting place for its serene environment and crystal clear water. There are also a lot of water sports activities, which also attracts huge number of tourists

Account of Cayman Islands  

These are a group of islands in the Caribbean, which is a British overseas territory. Having colonized this place between 18th and 19th century, Britain maintained its control over Cayman Islands through Jamaica, but had to resort to direct control after Jamaica gained independence in 962.  Unlike most of the places under colonial rule, this has maintained very high stands of living and is one of the richest islands not only in Caribbean region but in the world as well.

This place has one of the highest per capita output; despite, the fact that 90 pc of the essential commodities and food items are being imported. Except the banking there are no taxes applied to the inhabitants, with tourism being the main source of income. Although most of the tourist are from America, but a majority of the tourists from the rest of the world also visit Cayman Islands.

Cayman Island Regions

There are three major regions of Cayman Islands. These include The Grand Cayman, which is the largest of all islands here and also includes top Cayman Islands tourist attractions. This is also the home of most of the population of Cayman Islands.  The other two islands which are also called the sister islands locally also invite huge tourist rush. These are Little Cayman and Cayman Brac.

Culture and Religious beliefs

Cayman Islands are a multicultural place with most of the cultural beliefs coming from UK, (North) America and also from the Jamaica. This has mainly happened from the colonial impact as it was under British government with Jamaica as a controlling tower. North America played its part because people frequently travelling to this place. Apart from these the culture of Cayman Islands has the impact of over a hundred nationalities because many people from different countries have settled in. So pointing out a single dominant culture is not possible.

The number of native Caymanian population is very less just over 30% of the total and the rest are from other countries. The native people would draw their livelihood mainly through fishing and turtle harvesting. Then came the age where the rich merchants used to be a source of income and now it is the tourism that is the main source of income.

The religion of the Caymanian’ is predominantly the Christianity, with different denominations like Anglican, Catholicism, Presbyterian and Baptist etc. The people in this country are very decent and sophisticated. The salutation and using the titles of respect like Mr. and Ms. etc.. are commonly practised.

The majority of the people is conservative and still supports decency and would openly disapprove the public display of love. The homosexuality is a very new concept to them. The language spoken here is the usually the British English but has typical Cayman influence as well. Other language that is also spoken mainly among the younger generation is the Jamaican Patios.

Major Cayman Island tourist attractions  

Some of the top Cayman Islands tourist attractions include Seven Mile Beach located on Grand Cayman. Other important destinations on Grand Cayman include:

  •  Queen Elizabeth II Botanic
  • Boatswain’s Beach
  • Pedro St. James national historic site
  • Rum Point
  • Stingray City

Apart from these there are also some important destinations on the sister islands. Cayman Brac is itself a good tourist place because of the sites like the Bluff with a lot of Cayman Islands hotels and resorts.

These islands provide a lot of activities like scuba diving, fishing, snorkeling and other important island adventures. You don’t have to miss the dolphin swim adventure. You also get to see the vast variety of marine animals which is one of the best features of these islands. Another important activity of this place is the Atlantis Submarine Expedition, which is a smooth and exciting underwater journey which extends to about 40 minutes.

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