Caroline Islands Vacation and Weather

The whole group of islands is worth paying a visit but it is important to consider the facilities available while you stay in. If you are seeking an adventurous trip and enjoy the nature to the optimum, any island is good for you but since you need the comfort and safety as well while planning a trip, therefore, the prominent like Palau, Chuuk Islands and Yap Islands are the best places to visit. The chief reason is the better connectivity and the abundance of hotels and resorts.


Most of the islands of Carolina Islands have airports; the international airports are also present at many and many flights to Carolina Beach come here. Palau has the maximum international connectivity and you can take flights from various countries like Guam (2h 10m), Seoul in South Korea (4h 50m), Tokyo in Japan (4h 55m), Manila in Philippines (2h 45m), Taipei in Taiwan (4h) and Yap in Caroline Islands. Since there are good connectivity between Yup and Palau, therefore, there is no problem reaching the Yup Islands.

If you are planning to visit Chuuk Islands, there are no direct flights from different countries. The commonest path starts is from Log Angeles to international airport of Chuuk via Honolulu and Guam. It takes total of 14 hours from Los Angeles to these islands. You need to take a flight from Los Angeles to Honolulu (7 hours), from Honolulu to Guam (5 hours) and catch a flight to Chuuk from Guam (2 hrs.).


Owing to the huge rush of tourists, there is tremendous availability of Caroline Islands cars to different locations. These cars ferry the tourists to different locations for fishing and surfing activities but it is to the discretion of the tourists whether they should go for it or not. These transportation charges are exceptionally high because of the high fuel costs.

Safety tips:

These islands are known as “surfers paradise” and truly so. This provides a lot of opportunity for the people to have a life time experience. So if you are going to these islands for surfing or you happen to do this when you are there, make sure the boat is reliable. The depressions created here are very strong and need a high quality boat to survive the impact. There have been a lot of accidents in the past and you have to make your safety sure.

The same applies to the divers. This is usually done by the professionals but still they should know the place well to know exactly where they should do. There are certain areas where the diving may prove dangerous. You should always consult the locals who would guide you better to know about any place before you go ahead.

While travelling to the far flung areas, you need to be careful of the thieves and bad boys. Though nightlife at Carolina Islands is good but on specific occasions, therefore, if you roam outside you have to make sure the place is properly lit and has human mobility. There has been a rise in the theft, snatching and assault cases in the recent past. The main targets are the electronic gadgets. You specifically have to avoid traveling alone during the night on the dark roads. The same is applicable when you are traveling to the countryside. It is important to take a guide along. The locals know the dangerous areas and would keep you away from the trouble.

There are some people who love adventures travel and would try to explore the exceptional flora and fauna here. Since these islands are very rich in wild life as well so you need to be aware of the beats on your adventurous travel.

Normally, the environment is cleaner here but still a number of diseases, especially the water borne ones pose a threat. Although, the cases have been minimum but still caution is necessary. It is always better to use the packaged drinking water. Also since sea foods are very common, there are some fishes which are not suitable for all. Although most of the coral fishes are harmless but one or two may cause fish poisoning.


Weather in Caroline Islands is hot. The temperatures remain high almost throughout the year but there is lot of rainfall and the weather conditions are characterized by high humidity as well. The temperature varies between the minimum of 73F to a maximum of 89F, with 90 pc humidity.

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