Caroline Islands Foods and Culture

These islands are a combination of over 500 small and large islands. After different regimes occupying these islands these were together under Japan, but when Japan lost the World War 2, it became the trust territories of the United States so the culture of Caroline Islands is diverse. These islands disintegrated into different countries like Federated States of Micronesia, which gained independence in 1986 and Palau, which became independent in 1994. These islands still are held together by the geographical and climatic similarities and more importantly, the origin.

The natives of these islands speak a variety of languages that shows the cultural diversity of these islands. The major Micronesian languages include the Pohnpeian, Carolinian, Yapese, Kosraean, Chuukese and also Palauan, which is Western Malayo-Polynesian language. Apart from these other major populations include Japanese and Filipinos. All these people are warm and kind hearted. The people are warm hosts and welcome the visitors to these islands.

Far off from the world the main occupations of the people are horticulture and with sea around, fishing is the main source of food. Besides these the other prominent foods of Caroline Islands are the taro and bananas. The coconut milk is the long used drink. Besides this the coconut trees find some more uses. The people here live in the houses with the coconut thatches. These people till the recent past had lived a secluded life and got the exposure to the latest things through tourism. A lot of visitors, who started visiting Caroline Islands, interact with the natives and this proved to be good exposure to these people.

The people here don’t show much diversity in their religious beliefs with Christianity the majorly practiced religion. This concept is relatively new and has been promoted mainly by the missionaries very recently. The traditional religion involves the belief in one Supreme Being; they call him Yalafar and also believe in an evil spirit, called Can.

The visitors who visit Caroline Islands should make it a habit to understand the thinking of the people and some customs before following a trend. The Islands locations attract a lot of couples each year but public display of love should be avoided because the people may not approve it.

With the increase in the number of tourists, there has been a sea-change in the life styles here. A large variety of food terms and drinks are imported by the people here. With the tourist rush high throughout the year, the demand for these food and drinks increases. This provides a chance to the natives to earn through tourism.

Facts and Figures

Area:                          500 islands; Yup the biggest with an area 1900 km

Population:               ————–

Weather:                   Hot and almost uniform throughout the year

Nearest Airport:       Palau, Yup and Chuuk

Currency:                  —————

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