Caroline Islands

To the north of New Guinea, there lies a cluster of scattered island in the (Western) Pacific Ocean. These islands have long been known as Nuevas Filipinas (New Philippines). These stunningly beautiful islands have the specialty of being the most natural places in the world and not being affected by the callous activities of man. These are around 500 in number and together these make the best place to see the nature at its best.

Caroline Islands are a bunch of beautiful islands which have long been hidden from the human and are present in one of the remotest corners of the world. There are only a few places which have not been affected by the man’s environment hostile acts. While the world is battling the environment protection, these islands boast of their pristine nature. The scenic beauty is unbelievable and has everything in it to detach you from this world.

These islands have dense vegetation which is lush green and has several charming rainforest. To make these islands one of the world’s best tourist destinations. Visitors are lost in the mesmerizing beauty of several waterfall spots and Caroline Islands beaches. These islands have un-trodden landscapes with dense vegetation and rich wide life. The crystal clear water makes it an amazing place for fishing, diving etc.

Caroline Atoll (or Millenium Island) lies at the southeast end of the island cluster and has the total area of 1,199 sq km. These half-a-thousand islands lie deep in the Pacific Ocean, towards east of Philippines and towards the north of Guinea.

Most of these islands have resulted from volcanic eruptions. This is quite evident from several rocky islands. Many of these islands are low lying but some are higher than the sea level. The corals form the major composition of the low lying islands and have been a source of attraction for the tourists since long. The people of Caroline Islands are typically Polynesians and Micronesians. The rest lot is composed by Filipinos and some Japanese.

Major Tourist attractions of Caroline Islands

Palau: This has been a part of part of Caroline Islands and is still a part of it from the geographical perspective. Palau became independent in 1994 and has since been and independent country. Palau has one of the most exciting tourist destinations of Caroline Islands, that is, the archipelago, which is famous and world renowned for the rock islands.

This has long been a great tourist attraction for its crystal clean water and presents one of the best examples of marine environment. This place is also famous for the scuba diving. Apart from this, archipelago is a wonderful reserve of some beautiful birds, endemic animals and amphibians. There are around six varieties of the native palms in the upper reaches besides a vast variety of Micronesia.

Chuuk Island: This includes a group of 15 large islands, in addition to the 80 smaller ones and also some surrounding islands. This place is much known for a large number of water bodies (lagoons), which are created here. This is well-known for the large number of cruises to Caroline Islands, submarines and planes which come there. A huge number from professional divers come to this place and enjoy the perfect diving destination. Wreckages of several ships can be found there while one does snorkeling.

One attraction of this place is the “Garden Island”, which is also the capital of federated states on Micronesia. This place is world renowned for its rich biological diversity and pristine environment and is a superb place for boating, diving, kayaking and fishing like activities. The other place of great Caroline Island tourist attraction is Pohnpei, which has high historical importance. It includes the archeological site of Nan Madol (Venice of the Pacific), German Bell Tower, Sokens Mass Grave and Spanish wall etc.

Yap Islands:  This is also called as ‘mysterious Isle of stone money’ for its Fe (the stone money). It is also famous for being made of a single Coral reef which joins 4 continental islands. This island has several famous historical sites which depict the rich culture of Caroline Islands. You can also plan a visit to the rainforests and explore great biological diversity besides the delightful opportunities for water sports, fishing and other activities. All these make it a perfect honeymoon  spot.

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