Cape Verde Vacation and weather

Cape Verde is often regarded as the ultimate paradise by some people. This is because these islands offer almost everything to the tourists and provide them an environment which is free from hassle and bustle of life. There are a lot of things to indulge you in, from a mere bird watching to energetic trekking, hiking and diving. The warm and refreshing sea water invites you to take a dip.

 Planning a trip to Cape Verde

I advise you to visit this place because of the astonishing environment to spend the vacation. The visas are available at different embassies of Cape Verde. The prominent embassies where the visas can be availed are Liverpool (England), Brussels (Belgium), Rotterdam (The Netherlands), Washington, D.C. (USA), Moscow (Russia), Lisbon (Portugal), Geneva (Switzerland),  Brasília (Brazil) Geneva (Switzerland)

 Flights and boats

 You may visit these islands of Cape Verde anytime during the year. You can choose from several flights to Cape Verde as international airports are present at Sal, São Vicent, Boa Vista and Santiago. There are a number of flights available from various countries.  From America you can catch flights from Boston and Fortaleza. From Africa there is a traditional flight to this wonderful land from TACV Cabo Verde Airlines. Tourists from Europe can take flights from Amsterdam, Madrid, Oporto, Munich, Milan and Lisbon. Flights are available from Lisbon (Portugal) as well.

Although flights between the islands are available but the best way to travel between the islands is through boats, which make it an adventurous travel as well. There are regular flights between the islands but ferries offer a low budget inter-island travelling.

 Buses and Taxis

There are not much roads built within the islands. One of the reasons behind this is the difficult terrain. Although there has been some aid from the international bodies recent and roads are under construction.

There are some buses which ply which ferry the people across different locations. Most of these buses don’t have the time table but move when there is sufficient number of travelers.  The taxis though are available at main locations and specifically at the airports. These help the tourists reach the hotels or the distant villages. A major chunk of these cabs are Toyota vans.

 Climate and Topography

The weather here in Cape Verde shows the typical island traits. The climate is the temperate one with the warm sea and the cool breeze blowing across constantly. The weather conditions remain almost the same throughout the year. Mild rainfall is observed only in some islands while others like Sal and Maio etc. don’t receive at all. The rainy season is between August and October. There are occasional torrential rains, which my even cause floods and slides as well.

Most of these islands have vast and crystal clear beaches surrounding the lush green vegetation with some lovely hills. The temperature here however is lower as compared to the African mainland. Though these are good to visit anytime throughout the year but still people prefer to visit these islands during summers. The main reason behind this is the escape from the harsh climatic conditions which Africa and other countries face in summers.


This is relatively calm and quite country but still precautions are to be taken. Of late there has been rise in the crime rate so one needs to be careful every time. It is advised to avoid the poorly lit roads when you are alone. Since the robbers and snatchers are after the valuables mostly, it is highly advisable not to take these while you go to the public places.

There isn’t much to be bother about on the road as there are good traffic rules and people follow these. However, while going out for a long drive, weather conditions should be paid heed to. It is also good to take a guide along, especially when you are out for the first couple of times. The emergency number of this place is 132. Night life at Cape Verde is becoming more active with the increasing number of tourist from different locations. Several night clubs have found their way here but you need to be careful while going or returning from these.

Apart from the threat from thieves (which are rare), you need to be cautious about the health. There is a threat of some water borne disease. Although, at hotels the water coming from the taps is well treated but do relay on packaged water only when you are travelling outside.

The most important precaution to be taken is against while traveling in a ship or enjoying the water supports activities. The condition in the ocean may become very problematic because of the cyclones and winds etc. It is always better to get the knowledge of the places and seek local advice.

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