Cape Verde Hotels and Resorts

There are a large number of Cape Verde resorts and hotels on these islands due to the huge number of tourists, who visit here throughout the year. These islands support some of the biggest hotels in Africa like Garopa and Riu Funana hotels which have around 1000 rooms and also the Boa Vista with 881 rooms. These hotels are famous for maintaining the top class facilities despite such huge number of rooms to cater.

Apart from these the Hotel Morabeza forms one of the famous hotels in Cape Verde. It is located in Sal Island on Santa Maria Beach. This hotel has 90 gracious rooms on offer, which are well appointed. There are two stunning swimming pools for the guest and it offers all the modern facilities to the guests. The well qualified staff is always at the disposal of guests.

Another important hotel which has become an identity of these islands is Foya Branca Resort Hotel. This 4-star hotel has 16 suites, 6 self-catering villas and 52 guestrooms on offer for the visitors. The in-house facilities include all the modern accessories and luxury bathrooms. The cozy swimming pool is also there for the tourists.

Garopa and Riu Funana hotels:

These twin hotels are situated in Ilha do Sal, Cabo Verde. Both of them have a close proximity with nature and beach. White sand beaches and indigo color water front are good for a view. Those who want to leave behind all the worries of life will find these two hotels as their own paradise.

Moreover, hospitality is offered at its best here. Amenities include two swimming pools, sauna, the gym, solarium-terrace and the Jacuzzi etc. There is also a massage center called Renova Spa, with varied massages and treatments. Foods are served on site in fresh and fine manner. In case you want variety of foods, you can surely have it here. Order you preference and get it served.

One of the biggest hotels in Cape Verde, these make sure that you get a room to stay in. At the time of high tourist rush, these hotels make sure you get the best rooms easily. Owing to the huge number of rooms, there are many choices available. This increases the chance that you will get you room exactly the way, you want it to be.

Boa Vista:

Those who want to stay near the din and bustle of the city, Boa Vista provides a perfect accommodation to them. It’s pretty near the international airport and has prime accessibility across the city.  Apart from this, luxury living is redefined here as this is one of the prominent Cape Verde luxury resorts. One thing that this hotel authority promises is feeling like home atmosphere. All modern amenities are present in this hotel. Hot and cold running water, 24/7 internet connectivity, dine on site, time room and laundry services are available. For safety of your precious things, you get an electronic safe. Foods are served well and you choose your meal from a big list of cuisines available.

Hotel Morabeza

It locates on seashore. Contact address is Santa Maria (CP33) Ilha do, SalCabo Verde. After serving foreign tourists for long four decades, it has got the best hospitality at its best. Restaurants, bars and clubs are sea facing and has connectivity with the beach. It takes few seconds to book a suite in the heaven of comfort and relaxation. One business person can arrange business meetings, banquet parties and more. The biggest advantage of staying in this hotel in that is has open space to playing with your kids without compromising on safety and security. Musical parties are arranged for the entertainment of tourists with bonfire.

Foya Branca Resort:

This hotel is just 10 kms away from Mindelo, in the bay of San Pedro and at the coast of the islands most beautiful beach.  Programs for both adults and kids are arranged in the evening. Tourists get the facility of fresh water swimming pool at the lawn of this hotel. Even, safety arrangements are there to protect swimmer if any trouble takes place. This is also a fine hotel Cape Verde

Booking any of the hotels is your choice. But try to note down the best of the amenities offered. Book those hotels which are located centrally or near the other facilities like transportation, sightseeing event planning centers and so on.

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