Cape Verde Foods and Culture

The culture of Cape Verde is a mixture of European and African cultures. The Portuguese influence is more prominent on the art and architecture, particularly. The influence of these two cultures mainly developed during the Portugal occupation. Being a part of African continent and a number of African slaves brought here during the colonial rule, played a crucial role in the development of cultural mix of these islands.

The three main types of music of Cape Verde are Funana, Coladera and Morna. The particular music has developed because of the additional influence of Brazilian music in addition to the African and Portuguese music. The best feature of the music of this place is that all the three forms are completely different in their melody, content and rhythm. Now with more interaction and influence from the external world, the international music like pop has also sneaked in.

There are a number of tourists who love to have clubs and dance bars. Night life at Cape Verde   is good now with a number of night clubs thrown open for tourists. There are many now with rocking music and hip dancing as well. One of the world’s famous musicians, Cesaria Evora, was from Cape Verde. She would frequently visit Europe on music tours and was even awarded Grammy in 2004.

The islands of Cape Verde are very famous for the some top class sea food. The tourists are served these at hotels across these islands. Apart from the sea foods some European and Italian recipes are also offered to the people. The national dish of Cape Verde is Cachupa, which is made from potato and maize. Some people add chicken or fish as a flavor to this. The top food items include Lagostada (a lobster dish) and commonly used cheese and ham sandwich called Tosta Mista.

The different varieties of fishes that are commonly served swordfish, mussels, cuttlefish, tuna, shrimp and moray eel etc. These are cooked in various ways; for example the shrimp is a made with the help of onions and steamed garlic. Among the drinks, most of the international beers and drinks are available here and some particularly from Portugal. The local beer STRELA is larger in size.

Facts and Figures  

Capital:                       Praia   

Area:                          4033 Sq. Km.

Population:                506,000                      

Currency                    Cape Verdean escudo (CVE)

Calling code               +238

Government              Republic

Languages                  Portuguese, Kriolu

Weather:                    Temperate with typical island traits

Nearest Airport:        Sal, Santiago and Boa Vista.

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