Cape Verde

Cape Verde: A striking travel destination

Cape Verde is a country composed of ten islands and eight islets. These islands lie around 500 km from the west coast of Africa in the majestic Atlantic Ocean. All these Islands are blessed with beautiful scenery and make one of the finest places in the world for spending a vacation. The best holiday quality of Cape Verde is the climate which shows a consistency throughout the year, making these islands the perfect tourist place anytime.

About Cape Verde

This is an island country and is popularly called as The Republic of Cape Verde. The country has a total area of 4033 Sq. Km. It is inhibited by around 506,000 people, which a mix of Portuguese and Africa based people. The islands did not belong to any country and had no human traces before being discovered by Portugal in the 15th century. These islands were initially used by Portuguese to ship the slaves from Africa but later became an important part of whale and other oceanic trade. It though achieved independence in 1975 and has since then developed as one of the preferred tourist destination of the world.

Cultural Diversity

The culture of Cape Verde is quite similar to Africa and Portugal. The reason is the centuries old rule of Portugal over these islands. These islands are quite near to Africa, so the similarities in beliefs and cultural norms are as expected. The music on the other hand has impacts of Brazilian and Caribbean influence as well in addition to African and Portuguese.

The major part of the population is of Creole ethnic origin. The rest part of the population is composed by European, Sephardic (Spanish, Portuguese or North African) Jews and African races.  At present above 90pc of the population are Christians. The official language of Cape Verde is Portuguese and mainly is use is the Cape Verde Creole language, which is a dialect of Portuguese Creole language.

There has been a lot of people emigrating from these islands, the reason mainly are the least means of survival. With the rural population percentage as 38pc, the people living below poverty line are 20 pc. The literacy rate is nearly 80 pc. An increasing number of people from these islands are settling in different countries like America and Europe etc.

Major attractions

As there are ten islands in total, almost all offer a unique set of conditions and things for the visitors to cherish. These include the vast and bright beaches and spectacular scenery. The main Cape Verde tourist attractions include following islands:

Santiago: This is the biggest of all the ten islands and has a 991 sq. km area. This island offers lush green scenery to the tourists besides the vast and white sandy beaches, where one can relax and sunbath in the background of scarcely populated palm trees. This place is quite suitable for the hiking like activities and also a very good honeymoon Cape Verde location. This island gains importance because of the vast agricultural potential. This provides the food to a major part of the population here. It just takes a day to take a round trip but visitors can spend quite some time at different locations to enjoy this place best. There are also several Cape Verde resorts which make staying here a luxurious one.

Santo Antão: This is the second largest island here and is quite surprising. When you enter this island, it looks pretty similar to the most of other islands but just within sometime, you enter into an altogether different landscape, which is not sandy as it is at the start. The relatively denser pine forests and lush green background (with winds blowing most of the time), it makes a lovable destination. The most famous tourist destination is the Fontainhas Village, which is famous for its location and the make. The island has rightly gained the name as an island of mountains. There are many of these and present a wonderful opportunities for hiking like activities.

Boa Vista: This is the third largest island in this country, with the area of 622 sq. km. This is one of the most exotic beaches in terms of sands and dunes. There are several sand dunes in here. This place is the house or resting place of several birds and an important center of reproduction for the Caretta Turtle of Atlantic. All these catch the attention of large number of tourists throughout the year.

Apart from the picturesque and scenic beauty there is a vibrant life as well at a few places. The most important in this regards is the Sal Beach. There are a number of bars, restaurants and hot clubs which will keep you thrilled for most of the night.

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