Burkina Faso Vacation and weather

Burkina Faso is one of the friendliest places in the world. The beauty of this place is that there are not many tourists to this place so you always stand in a better position to get access to the facilities easily. This place though is very calm and quiet but has undergone through a number of regimes and coups so people get violated easily. Like even though there is a stable government now but certain decisions which have gone against the students interests have led to student protests these days (May, 2012) against the president.

Planning a trip

Travelling to this country involves a number certain considerations like the visa and deciding the mode of transport to this country which involves bus, train, aeroplane etc. There are different ways you can get the visa and decide the number of days to stay in this country. The people from the different countries get the visa from different sources like the people from EU (European Union) can get right from the airport on their arrival for 10,000 CFA.

The people from US have different plans like the six month visa and are also eligible for 5 year all entry visa for $100. People from European Union and US can get a 7 day visa at the border against 10,000 CFA. People from rest of the world can get a visa for 28 300 CFA with the validity of 3 months. The French people too need a visa to this country and have to pay 70 euros for one entry. The major issue with the visa is the yellow fever certificate.

Reaching the country

There flights available but can also take a bus or a train as well. The flights to Burkina Faso are available from Abidjan, Casablanca, Niamey, Brussels, Dakar and Paris. By train you need to cover a distance 517 km to reach Cote d’Ivoire border from the capital city of Ouagadougou. There is also the train facility available from Abidjan but it is not available always. The bus services can also take you to this country from the neighboring countries like Ghana, Bali etc.


The climate in Burkina Faso is majorly tropical. It receives sufficient amount rainfall during the rainy season and can be around 900 mm at some places. Though the rainy season extends to about 4 months (June-September) but is shorter towards the north. This place some climatic variations and three clear divisions can be identified from the climatic perspective. These include the Sahel, the Sudan-Guinea and the Sudan-Sahel.

During the dry season there is a hot wind that blows across the major part of the country and is from the Sahara. This is popularly called “the Harmattan” there. The time when the wind blows across Burkina Faso should be avoided.

Safety Tips:

Among all the countries of Africa, Burkina Faso is the safest of all. Still the black sheep are in every community so you need to be cautious of thieves and the robbers. The best way to be safe is by looking for a good guide. Picking up a very good guide is important both for the safety and also to enjoy the place the maximum. With a good guide, you may visit the desert and sleep on the sand and the guide will arrange it for you. You also may visit the urban areas as well.

Since the climatic conditions in Burkina Faso are Tropical, you really need to be careful of the hot weather conditions there. The sun shines hard posing a threat to skin. It is always better to use the sunscreen location or cream to protect your skin and visit this place when the weather conditions are not harsh September-November. A hot wind also blows here, which originates from Sahara Desert in Northern Africa. Mostly visitors visit Burkina Faso to visit the deserts; they need to be careful of the extreme desert climate.

You also need to be careful of the current political situation here. Sometimes, this creates a problem when the people are up for something. Another problem traveling to this country is the malaria; you need to make sure that you take all the precautions to stay away from the infection.

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