British Virgin Islands Vacation and Weather

To make merry, enjoy and have a memorable vacation or just to escape the chilling weather, whatever may be your motive, British Virgin Islands vacation is free from stress. Amiable surroundings and the pleasant weather also contribute the reason for it.  This place is a heaven’s paradise for nature lovers. Scenic surroundings, mesmerizing beaches, enchanting underwater life, watersports, historic places worth seeing and others are the reason. May, November and early December is the best time to visit British Virgin Islands. This is because everything costs much cheaper in this time period as compared to other months of a year.


You can reach this scenic and naturally beautiful group of islands via air or sea route. There are many connecting airports bringing one to this beautiful island. Direct flights are not available from Canada, South America, USA and Europe. These flights to British Virgin Islands land at Terrence B. Lettsome Airport, the main airport of the country. The cruise British Virgin Islands starts from harbor of Road Town, Tortola. Even a ferry to virgin Gorda is a nice way to enter this island. If you wish to travel from one island to another, book a ferry, board it and head towards your favorite destination.

The peak tourist season is December to April as tourist visit British Virgin Islands to avoid the extreme cold season in other parts of the world. You will witness increased crowd and more hustle bustle here during the Christmas season. This is because it is the most popular holiday and the island witnesses more tourists at this time. Not just this, but if you wish to holiday here at the time of New Year then visit Jost Van Dyke where you will get to enjoy New Year’s Eve Party. Vacationers come here with the intention of enjoying, relaxing and to be away from daily stress.

There are some rules set for the people visiting the country. This concerns dress, safety and driving etc. Do not adorn beachwear anywhere except pools and beaches. When you are not at these places, wear casual outfits. In case, you plan to drive here, you need to have a license. Drivers drive on street’s left side here in British Virgin Islands. Remain alert all the time especially when it is dark. Properly lock hotel doors and remain cautious with whom you interact.

May-November is the rainy season and is the off-season. Not much tourists visit in this time period. You get the most worth of your money from July-September.


The tourists visit British Virgin Islands to escape from chilling weather in their region. Trade winds regulate the tropical climate. There is not much variation in the temperature whole year through and the season remains more or like same the whole year. Road Town, the capital has daily maximum temperature of 32 degree in summer and 24 degree in winter season. Rainfall is maximum in hills and minimum on coast and averages around 1150 mm in one year. Tropical showers in British Virgin Islands are experienced between the months of July and November. February and March are the dry months while September to November are wet months.  Hurricane season is- June to November.

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