British Virgin Islands Foods and Culture

The foodie tourists are in for a treat here. Delectable cuisines, variety of delicacies all served in perfect and amiable ambience in the restaurants satiate the taste buds of people having great affinity for foods. There are number of restaurants in the whole of the British Virgin Islands. This means you will not have a problem in searching for a restaurant that would serve your favorite cuisine. This beautiful and scenic place is a host to various cultures like English, Dutch and Spanish. Some instruments and the music found here are unique to the place that you will not get anywhere else. As much as 86% people of African descent are the inhabitants of the British Virgin Islands.

Food & Drinks

Caribbean food and ethnic dishes are served here and tourists prefer it too. You will get to savor many dishes with a hint of tropical taste and this variation can easily be seen in the mixture of Caribbean spices and mango to a tropical fish i.e. Salmon. Assorted Caribbean dishes are the highlights of every celebration like wedding, festival, birthday, party and others. Johnny cake, pastry made out of dried dough and Pate, different kinds of meat filled fried dough is the two snacks you would get here. Fresh fish served together with hot lime sauce is the most favorite delicacy among the locales. Mango, soursop, sea grapes, sugar apple, papaya, genip, gooseberries and tamarind are the fruits available here. Due to its aroma and flavor it has become a favorite among the tourists also. Rum is the favorite drink and other ones available and preferred are passionfruit juice, bush tea, coconut water, sorrel, banana punch and others. If someone offers you ‘bush tea’, that means you are served herbal tea. This is a broad classification for tea resulting from plants found in the place.


Around 83% population is Afro-Caribbean while others originate from Europe and British. Christians constitute for 84% and others are Methodist, Anglican, Church of God, Catholics and Muslims. English is the primary language while Spanish is the secondary one. Due to the inter-Caribbean migration, Creole culture is widely prevalent in the region. If you wish to get the feel of true Caribbean culture, don’t miss the August Festival organized every year. Here you will witness traditional village nights, dancing in streets and exclusive African costumes. What if you are not here for the August Festival in the month of August? You can purchase paintings, drinks, craft and spices made in this country to keep as memorabilia of the country’s culture. Get the feel of Caribbean culture through music and dance of the Heritage Dancers. Music started here with the introduction of not so big instruments and traces its roots to African heritage. Through Fungi music, you get a glimpse of the influence of Europe and America. Bongos, calabash, banjo, washboard and triangle are the instruments used for playing this type of music. English is the major language spoken here. But this is with a hint of Creole culture’s influence and has an accent different from normal. Once you get in the city, you will not wish to leave and end your vacation in British Virgin Islands due to the unfavorable favorable climate, innumerable activates and things to do, naturally beautiful surroundings and others.

 Facts And Figure

Area: 264 km2

Capital: Mata-Utu

Climate: Tropical

Population: 15,289 (as per 2009 estimate)

Airport: Terrence B. Lettsome Airport

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