British Virgin Islands

After a gap of four years, I and my family decided to go for a vacation on the islands. After this, hunt for a suitable place began and without much ado, British Virgin Islands was decided. The reason was the beauty of the place and chance to experience four major islands in a vacation. The whole family enjoyed a lot and had a memorable vacation.

About the British Virgin Islands

Better known as the Virgin Islands, The British Virgin Islands is an archipelago of more than 50 islands. Virgin Gorda, Jost Van Dyke, Tortola and Anegada are the four major islands of this archipelago. Tall cliffs, green mountainous terrain, clear waters like crystals, captivating beaches, natural scenic surroundings, beautiful coral reefs and other enchanting attractions are sufficient to leave you awestruck. And, this is what makes it a famous destination and vacationer’s paradise. You will get to meet here warm hearted and friendly people together with all the scenic beauty, captivating islands and more.

rocks, sea and sunshine

Major Attractions

The adventurous and energetic people have a lot to do in the islands here. Be it water sports or visiting historic sites, you are always up on your heels. Plan a longer vacation for this place. This is necessary if you wish to enjoy and feel range of attractions British Virgin Islands has to offer. Even for a day, there are so many activities that you will find a day too short. Not just plan the vacation and its duration but also what activities you will do every day of your holiday. This will let you enjoy to the fullest and have a memorable vacation.

Sailing, boating, diving, going fishing, visiting museums, national parks and historic sites national parks and engaging in adventurous water sports are the wide ranging activities for people of varied interest. You can select one according to whatever you wish to do. Go for water sports and marine activities one day and less hectic sightseeing and visiting historical places the other day. There are varied British Virgin Islands water sport options available. It includes Kiteboarding, Windsurfing, Kayaking, swim with dolphins and surfing.

Fast and slow, in whichever manner you wish to experience high waves and gleaming shiny clean water, adventure awaits you at every step. If you are a marine lover, dive into the sea and view the amazing underwater world. You will see lava tunnels, massive boulders, innumerable reefs, underwater caves, towering coral pinnacles, grottoes and canyons. You can choose to dive into vivid sea caverns, shallows or amazing shipwrecks according to your expertise in diving. The atmospheric temperature at the striking diving locations remains in the range of 80-90 degrees Fahrenheit. Not just this, there are various events organized to entertain the tourists. Music festivals that include culture, sailing, and sports are the highlights of Virgin Islands. In case, you wish to enjoy these festivals, know more about them from the various online resources available. Your plan might vary but you will enjoy and feel elated in whatever you do.

Beaches are everyone’s favorite and if you are also the same then head towards the beaches of varied shapes and sizes. Whether you have to enjoy the Apple Bay’s waves or just lie down on the Elizabeth Beach’s white sand, you have different things to explore for every beach per day.


The British Virgin Island is full of liveliness and energy. Music, dance, food mark the celebration every night. Live music, bar and multi-cuisine hotels and restaurants in British Virgin Islands are the attractions for the visiting tourists who love to enjoy and make merry after dinner time.

Shopping  is fun for the tourists who are in search of a perfect memento. There are number of galleries and shops in British Virgin Islands. You can buy jewelry, books, art and crafts, souvenirs, photography, clothing and accessories, local products and other items. Window shopping i.e. just gazing the items and having the feel of what things are there, is also a pleasant experience here. You can also choose to take a break and have food and drink while shopping. Go for shopping from gift shops, boutiques, food markets and provisioning and department stores. These are just the kinds of shops that house almost everything and have varied range, which will let you buy exactly the same thing you wish for.

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