Bermuda Vacation and Weather


You can visit Bermuda at any time during the year and temperatures rarely exceed 26 degrees Celsius during the day. The warm waters are quite inviting and ensure that you pack a few bathing suits. Bermuda experiences a short hurricane season which starts in June and ends in September. This is usually characterized by strong winds and squalls.

Unless you like getting wet and staying indoors all the time, it is better to avoid this period. Bermuda is actually well connected to quite a few cities in America. Flights to Bermuda from places such as Atlanta, New York, Philadelphia and Boston are available frequently. You can also take the direct flight (British Airways) from London to Bermuda. Cruise ships from Americaoperate during the summer season and these are good options as well. Hamilton and St George are the main ports in the island. Cruises operate from places such as Baltimore, New York, Charleston and Miami. These are usually well equipped and it is a good way to travel to Bermuda if you have the time.

Yacht crossing from Americais possible but this may take up to three weeks in calm weather. Only the most experienced mariners will be able to navigate these waters and cross successfully. During the hurricane season it becomes extremely dangerous to operate a boat in these waters and passenger ferries and cruises do not operate.

Public transport in the Bermuda is actually quite good and buses are the best way to get around. Air conditioned buses are widely available and they make sure that they leave and arrive on time too. Moreover, these are relatively cheap and offer good value for money. Interisland transport is usually in the form of ferries. These depart on a daily basis to most of the islands and you can hop on for a quick journey. However, do not expect the ferry to be comfortable or cruise like. They most likely will have plastic seats and you should watch your luggage at all times. Usually a one way trip will probably cost you around $4 to $10.

Most of the major hotels in Bermuda have taxi stands outside and these are a good way to get around as well. You can probably book a taxi through the hotel as and when you wish. They have a meter and the prices depend on the number of kilometers travelled. This is a relatively inexpensive way to travel. Cycles can also be hired in most towns and these are an ideal way to get around the place. But always lock the cycles as theft in quite common in some areas. Hiring cars is not possible and only the locals are allowed to operate them. Some of the renting agencies in the region include department of public transportation, sea express, wheels cycles and Bermuda taxi radio cabs.


Bermuda is still a developing place and violent crime related activity is on the rise. Moped theft is one of the main problems in the island and you must also note that public homosexuality is frowned upon here. As long you stay in groups and stick to the tourist centers you will be safe. If you are venturing out, ask the hotel to arrange a local guide for you. Homosexuality is considered a taboo in the place but the law allows it. The local gay communities are underground and there are no hangout spots as such. It is in your best interest to avoid any frivolous activity in the public. The traffic in area is quite difficult to navigate if you are a westerner. Do not expect wide roads with regulated traffic. The roads are usually narrow and accidents are frequent. Keep your eyes on the road and do not veer from the chosen path. Most important do not drink and drive while you are in Bermuda.

It can be quite humid during the day and you might be advised to carry a bottle of water with you. Hats, sunscreen lotions, and shades are essential during the summer season. Remember that the health centers and hospitals in Bermuda are incredibly costly and you will have to pay a fortune for each visit. There are no publically funded hospitals in the country. Using common sense will by and large help you en sure that your stay here is safe.

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