Bermuda Hotels and Resorts

The hotels in Bermuda are quite expensive and they can set you back quite a bit of money. Some of the best four star options in Bermuda include The Reefs, 9 Beaches Resort, Fairmont Hamilton Princess Hotel and Cambridge Beaches Resort. There are various smaller hotels and B&B’s available as well but most of these might not have websites. Accommodation in Bermuda is approximately three or four times more expensive than some of the other Caribbean options.

And this is deterring tourism to a large extent. Cruises to Bermuda which arrive seasonally are being blamed for the decline in recent times. If you are opting for a luxury resort then you might opt for a package. This will help you save some money as well. Most of the hotels offer all the basic activities such as snorkeling, kayaking, diving, surfing and so on. They also provide most modern amenities which are required to survive. Resorts which are located along the beach will be more expensive than ones which are located inshore due to obvious reasons.

Elbow Beach Bermuda

This five star facility is one of the best in the country and provides everything required to make your stay a peaceful one. The hotel is situated on the South Shore and it is one of the most popular options for luxury travellers. The hotel offers around 98 rooms and this includes both deluxe rooms and suites. Most of the rooms have stunning views and they are equipped with modern amenities such as bathtubs, television, hair dryers, kitchenette and central heating and air conditioning. You can also make use of the internet services and direct dialing facilities which are available. Some of the outdoor facilities include temperature controlled pool, tennis court, lawn, fitness center, spa and golf court. Guests can also arrange for kayaking, wind surfing and adventure programs through the hotel.

Reefs Hotels and Club

This is yet another five star hotel in the country which offers excellent services. The hotel is known for its hospitality and accomplished staff. The people who work here are courteous and cater to every need of the clients. The facilities at the hotel are well beyond world class and they offer all the popular activities. You won’t find the need to even step outside the hotel at all. The hotel has a private beach and this is the greatest treasure for the guests. You can lie on the beach and relax for endless hours without having to worry about anything under the sun. Cottages and suites in Bermuda are available at the hotel. Most of the cottages are located along the shore and you will be treated to stunning views of shimmering blue waters from your own rooms. There are a total of 65 rooms in the hotel and they are always in demand during the peak season. Off season discounts may be available as well. The infinity pool at the hotel is perfect for unwinding and relaxing. The dining options are also endless and several cuisines from around the world are available at the Reefs Hotel.

Coco Reef Resort

This is another popular hotel in the region and offers international standard facilities. It was formerly known as the Stonington Hotel and it offers a comprehensive stay option. The facilities for accommodation are excellent and interiors reflect the rich culture and history of Bermuda. There are several paintings in the hotel which depict the Spanish era and you will also find statues strategically placed. The outdoor swimming pool is ideal for relaxing after a workout at the tennis court. The hotel also has a restaurant and two bars. The bars are well stocked with both local and foreign liquor. The hospitality at the Coco Reef is second to none and emphasis the true Bermudan spirit. The restaurant offers international cuisine options as well. There are a total of 64 rooms in the place and they are well furnished and equipped with the latest technology. All the modern amenities such as satellite TV, air conditioning, and bath tubs are available. The hotel even has an onsite barber shop for those who require a quick trim or a shave. On the whole, this is one of better options in the region.

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