Bermuda Food and Culture

Food and Drink

Being an island, Bermuda offers some of the freshest sea foods in the region. The diet is based on rice, beans and fish. Fresh lobsters, cod fish, rock fish, prawns and crabs are plentiful on the island. Fish chowder, bay fish jelly, and cassava pie are some of the delicacies of the island. The small restaurants near the harbor offer the cheapest and best dining options. The local dishes are absolutely exquisite and if you are a sea food lover then Bermuda is the place for you. One of the most common dishes in the region is the salted cod fish. It has a distinctive taste and lacks spices but it is a must try. It is usually served with boiled potatoes so you will be quite full at the end of the meal. Hopping John is a local favorite as it is quite cheap. It basically consists of rice and black beans which is a staple in the region. They go well with fried fish and chicken as well.

Sharks are also a delicacy in the region and a hash made from it is usually served with rice. But shark meat has a unique taste and might not necessarily be to your liking. Over the years many hotels and restaurants have sprung up near the tourist spots and these are specifically designed to suit westerners. But these places may not be authentic and you should search for places where locals are found. This is usually a good indicator of authentic food.

There are a variety of pubs along the coast and they serve British food. So do not be surprised to find, fish, chips and blood pudding on the menu. If you fancy a full English breakfast then most of these places should be able to cater to you. You should also note that while some of the seafood is locally caught, most of the exotic varieties are imported from America. Lobster and crabs are usually imported and do not believe claims of freshness. Small varieties of fish and prawns are usually local and fresh. It might be worth checking with the chef or the owner before you start eating.

The best restaurants are located near St Hamilton and George Town. They serve good food but are expensive. If you travel further inland, you will small family run joints which serve fresh food. If you get the opportunity to eat at a household then you should take it up. Bananas are also a staple in the Caribbean regionand several dishes are created with these. Also, you should avoid eating at any restaurant which is close to the cruise ship docks. These are usually much overpriced and can charge three or four times more than the normal fare. Cruise ship passengers have limited time on the ground and they cannot travel too far inland. Thus they are forced to pay such high prices. Bermuda beaches have a good variety of shacks serving liquor and eatables.

As with any other island in the region, rum is the staple drink. A variety of cocktails with a rum base are available in Bermuda. Dark n Stormy and Rum Swizzle are some of the local options. Cocktails are made with freshly squeezed juice and they are very tasty. While you are at the beach you should forget about your gin and tonic and ask for one of the local specialties. Fresh coconut water is also available widely and these are ideal for quenching your thirst. On a hot afternoon, a glass of coconut water will work wonders.


Bermudan culture reflects both its African and European heritage. The African population brought a strong sense of community when them. Over the years the people have mixed to an extent but have managed to maintain their individual traditions. The people are friendly and they like to be treated with respect. A simple hello or goodbye will go a long way. Religion is something which you should avoid talking about. African voodism, and Christianity are prevalent everywhere. Traditional dances and shows are performed during the important days in the calendar. Always have an open mind when you are visiting the country and be open to experiencing new things.

Facts and Figures

Population: 64268

Area: 53 square miles

Weather: Sub tropical

Nearest Airport: Bermuda International Airport

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