Land Of Shipwrecks, Legends And Crystal Clear Waters

About The Bermuda

Bermuda is an epitome of the various islands located in the region. Bermuda is a popular tourist option through the year due to the pleasant climatic conditions. The place is blessed with a sunny yet comfortable climate for most of the year. Bermuda is fast becoming a haven for many celebrities and movie stars. One can find numerous yachts and private boats docked in the various ports around the island. The place offers a laid back and peaceful lifestyle which is ideal for unwinding from the stress of everyday life. The clear turquoise waters are among the most picturesque and many a movie has been filmed in this region. There are numerous coves and small lagoons which are set well away from the tourist spots. These are popular among couples and newlyweds. The Bermuda islands have some stunning coral reefs and tropical sea life which cannot be found anywhere else.

Bermuda is well known for its spooky legends and stories. The Bermuda triangle has witnessed countless shipwrecks over the years. However, as long as you stay clear of this region and stick to the main tourist centers you will be perfectly safe.Bermuda consists of approximately 180 islands and small coves. But most of these places are not inhabited and apart from the odd tribal or two, you will probably not find human life anywhere. The total land area of Bermuda is around 53 square miles and it is uncannily shaped like a hook. Despite the small land mass, Bermuda has a varied topography. One can find volcanic mountains, lush jungles and coral reefs in and around these islands. Bermuda’s culture is unique and distinct . You will notice that the place has a huge African and creole influence. Due to its colonial past and history of slavery, Bermuda is a mix of Africans, Indians, and other western expats. Hamilton is the capital city and it offers everything from exciting nightlife to cheap sea food. The small narrow streets are more like a movie set than anything else.


Major Attractions

Unless you are planning to spend you entire holiday by the pool, there are plenty of things to do in Bermuda. Due to its colonial past, there are several forts and buildings which are worth visiting. Getting around town is easy and you can hire a moped or a cycle. Some of the important places in the island include Town St. George, Spittal Pond, and Gibbs Hill Lighthouse, Crystal and Fantasy Caves, Devils Hole Aquarium and several museums. St George is an old part of town which has cobbled streets and paved pathways. One can simply walk through the various plazas and squares. Some of the old forts located around the island include Fort George, St David’s Battery, Ferry Island Fort, Fort Scaur, Alexandra Battery, Fort St. Catherine, Gates Fort and many more.

a small harbor with boats

As expected the beaches are the main attraction in Bermuda and there are countless options to choose from. The clean white beaches are post card perfect and some of the best ones include Shelly Bay, John Smiths Bay Beach, Chaplin Bay, Tobacco bay, Elbow Beach, and Snorkel Park. You can reach these places using shuttles or taxis easily. If you are golfer then Bermuda is a paradise for you. There are countless professional and amateur circuits around town. Front Street is the main shopping center in the island and it is easily accessible on foot. There are several small stores located throughout the island as well. You may be able to pick local souvenirs and crafts from these shops and they are ideal gift options for those back home. You can also go to the local distilleries and pick up a few bottles of rum to take back. You may be able to get a good bargain for them always check the customs limit for liquor before you decide to splurge.

Many guests visit the railway trails as well. The railway lines have long been taken off service but many parts of the line still remain intact. You can visit one of the numerous railway houses which offer some of the best views of the surrounding districts. These public trails are quite popular and they go along the waterside as well.

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