Belize Vacation and Weather


Tourism in the country is gaining popularity and one can find several backpackers and travelers in the main cities during the peak season. The country has good access in terms of flights and boats. Several cruise ships dock at Belize as well. People from countries such as Canada, Mexico, America, Jamaica, Singapore, Europe and Malaysia do not require a visa. You will also have to pay some tax when you are leaving.

Belize is connected to America by flights and the Philip Goldson International Airport receives flights from places such as Houston, Dallas, Miami, San Salvador and some more. Buses are available from both Mexico and Guatamala. However, these are often uncomfortable and the journey is long and hard. Most of the cruise ships which dock at Belize City do not stay for more than 24 hours but these passengers do not require a visa. Cruises to Belize are available from America during the season. You must plan your trip well in advance and make reservations as well. Arrange for hotel pick up and drop services from airports as the local transport might not be reliable. Water taxis and cars are the best modes on inland travel.

Most of the towns and main cities can be reached by air from the capital. There are two main inland carriers and they are Mayan air and Tropic Air. The flights are relatively cheap and you can opt for them if you want to save time. However, note that these flights might not be comfortable and are usually crowded. The biggest flight will be able to carry about 86 passengers. These are usually always in demand and you might have to make a booking in advance. Some of the larger hotels make flight bookings and you can take advantage of this as the local agents are quite unreliable.

The preferred form of inland travel is by bus and these are quite cheap. You will spend anywhere between $5 and $25 depending on the distance between the cities. Most of the towns and cities are well connected with each other and you can simply wave the buses to standstill. Buses are often crowded and not very comfortable. You will have to adjust with a mass of humanity and sometimes even livestock.  Keep an eye on your luggage or it will walk away before your eyes. Express buses are a better option and they only stop at certain points along the route. You will find vendors selling snacks and sodas along the way and you can grab quick bite.  Fruits and fresh vegetables are safe to eat but avoid anything with oil in it.

Safety and Climate

Belize is still a developing country and there is a thriving drug trade in the region. The crime rate in Belize City is quite high and you have to be very careful. Most of poor neighborhoods are hotbeds for crime and these should be avoided. Stick to the tourist centers and avoid trusting locals if possible. If you are travelling to a remote region or through the jungle then you should also take someone with you. If you do not know what you are doing then there is a very good chance that you will get lost. Also, inform the hotel or someone you know before you leave. Bottled water is available throughout the country and in terms of health, Belize is relatively good. However, due to the high humidity levels, you might experience dehydration.

Some of the regions in the Belize experience harsh sunlight and you should always carry sunscreen and other protective gear with you. The jungles are prone to high humidity and mosquitoes and other insects will be present. Arm yourself with the best possible insect repellants if you are planning to visit these places. Mosquito nets are an absolute must while you are sleeping and you should ask the hotels to supply them. Malaria is a constant danger in the tropics and you can even get a vaccination done as a precaution. Considering that this is still a developing country the health care system might not be great. Cleanliness might also be an issue in some places but the tourist spots should be alright. Avoid eating or drinking anything which looks suspicious.

The people are quite liberal and open towards gay and lesbians as well. Despite the fact that most of the population is Christian foreigners are given complete freedom. However, it may be a good idea to keep displays of affection behind closed doors out of respect for the locals.

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