Belize Resorts and Hotels

The lodging options in Belize are actually quite numerous and you will find both budget and luxury options. Radisson Fort George Hotel is probably one of the best hotels  in Belize and costs between $150 and $300 per night. Cheaper options such as the Bachelor Inn, Belize City and Hotel Mopan, Belize City cost between $50 and $100 per night. Places such as Dangriga, Little Frenchman Cay and San Pedro have good hotel options as well. The luxury options are usually equipped with swimming pools and indoor game rooms. Honeymoon Belize hotel options are a dime a dozen too.

With such a wide range of options to choose you actually need not make a reservation in advance. You can land in the country and trawl through the various hotels before you decide. Moreover, during the off season most of these places offer good hotel deals and packages. Availing these discounts might be a good way to save money. Most of the hotels around town compete with each in terms of price and they also offer a wide range of adventure activities to their clients. You can expect to indulge in everything from hiking to spelunking through the hotels.

Radisson Fort George Hotel and Marina

This is probably the most popular and sought after destination in the country. The Radisson group is known for its outstanding design and amenities and this is no exception. The hotel is situated in one of the oldest areas of town known as Fort George. The colonial building has been refurbished and decorated with class and sophistication. The interiors are quite charming and it will transport you back to a time when Englishmen sat in leather couches smoking cigars and drinking brandy. The hotel offers a total of 102 rooms and these are fitted with best amenities money can buy. All the rooms have central air conditioning and satellite TV. Bath tubs, Jacuzzis, coffee makers and room service are some of the other facilities which you can opt for. The hotel restaurant serves up some delectable Caribbean dishes as well. Guests have the option of two outdoor pools, gambling center, spa, and gym and fitness center. The dive shop at the hotel supplies everything which you may require to go diving or snorkeling.  Child care and babysitting facilities are available on request as well. The staffs at the hotel speak several languages and you will face no problems with communication. The hotel has a private marina as well and you can travel to some of the nearby islands and reefs directly from here. You can arrange activities such as snorkeling, diving, fishing, hiking and other adventure sports through the hotel itself. This self-reliant piece of paradise is an excellent all round stay option.

Princes Hotel and Casino

Some of the hotels in the country have their own private casinos and the Princes Hotel is one of them. In fact, it has one of the best gambling houses in Belize. Apart from this the hotel offers a whole host of amenities such as conference rooms, party halls and swimming pools. The hotel has a total of 181 rooms and this includes suites and beach facing villas. The rooms provide a breathtaking view of either the sea or the landscaped gardens. If you are looking for a relaxing stay coupled with fun activities such as snorkeling and water skiing then this is the place for you. The fitness center and the spat the hotel is also world class. You can de-stress with a relaxing massage at the in house massage parlor.

Guests also treated to a variety of cuisines at the restaurants. The buffet consists of Indian, Mexican, Chinese and Caribbean dishes. The wide sea food spread is sure to satiate you completely. The bar is also well stocked and provides some delicious cocktails and juices. The casino has over 400 machines and tables and matches any casino Vegas for sheer style.

Azul Hotel and Beach Resort

This is a newly built resort and it falls under the boutique category. The interiors of the resort are clean and pleasing on the eye. The rooms are well decked and the villas which are situated near the pool are the most sought after options. The Rojo lounge is famous all around the island and people come here for a long and delicious meal. You can read about various foods of Belize here.

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