Belize is a small country known for its distinct population and clean beaches. It is one of the few countries in the region which has English has its official language. The country is a good mix of several cultures. There is a thriving Creol population in the region and this is reflected in the food and festivals of the Belize. One can also find Mayan descendants further inland and most of them speak Spanish. The place is very similar to any one of the islands in the Caribbean Sea and the pace of life is laid back and ‘chilled out’.

Belize is bordered by Guatemala in the west and by Mexico in the north. The Afro American culture of the place gives it a reggae feel. Belize has a long coastline on one side and lush dense jungles on the other. The Caribbean Sea is known for its clear and blue waters. There are several towns and beach side villages located along the coast and most of them are worth visiting. Belize offers a variety of activities to the traveler and this includes everything from fishing to jungle trekking.  The tourist industry has been on the rise over the past decade or so. The people are usually friendly and warm and open to all types of travelers. Compared to several other beach side destinations Belize is relatively cheap.

dolphins swimming in the ocean

Major Attractions

The long coastline and the lush green forests are the main attraction in the country. There are quite a few resorts, shops, shacks, restaurants and tourist spots located along this part of the country. You must visit the Old Belize neighborhood which is located near Belize City. There are plenty of small stalls and exhibits of Mayan life in this region.

Salt water sport fishing is one of the most popular activities in the region. But this sport is not for the faint hearted and the bonefish is probably one of the strongest animals in salt water. Tourists and locals alike experience this exhilarating sport. Belize has world class facilities for diving, snorkeling and under water exploration. Nightlife at Belize usually revolves around the tourist belt.

Caye Caulker and Amergis Caye are the most popular diving spots as they are quite cheap. If you are into adventure then you must visit the deep limestone caves located in Belize, with an experienced guide of course. One can also visit the Shark Ray Valley and take day trips to nearby beach towns. Most of the small towns in the countryside are open to tourism and the people are friendly and warm. The Mayans are a little reserved but a little warmth and a few smiles should make them open up too.

If you are interested in doing some adventurous then you can take a zip line tour too. You will be soaring above the rain forest and you will have an experience like no other. There are two companies in the region which offer zip lining tours and this includes Back A Bush and Jaguar Paw. Zip lining tours usually cost about $100 per person.  Hiking and jungle walking is also a popular activity but this is not the faint hearted. You should always take a guide with you or might easily get lost in the jungle. Most of the hotels will be able to arrange these tours but you can also approach third party firms and these might be cheaper.

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The jungles are home to a wide range of flora and fauna and you might spot a few animals if you are lucky. The caves which are located around the country are also worth visiting. There are a few companies which organize tours to these places and they provide all the equipment as well. Some of the caves have water and you can engage in spelunking too. But this is a dangerous activity and only professional divers should attempt it. Cave walking is a popular past time for all ages and it might be a good learning experience as well. Many of these caves were once inhabited or used by the Mayan people. Some of them were sacrificial chambers while others were actual homes. You will find broken pots and other utensils in some of these caves even today.

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