Barbados Vacation and Weather

The best time to visit Barbados to explore, enjoy and spend a memorable vacation here in Barabdos is mid-April to mid-December. The place doesn’t experiences much hurricanes and landslips. The ideal month to visit this naturally beautiful country is January. Tourists are advised not to visit the country in the month of July as it is the wettest month and it rains for 18 days in this month. As a result, you will be forced to stay indoors and would be able to do nothing. The prices are at their peak from December to April as this is the temperate season and peak tourist season.


Are you ready to explore and enjoy the beautiful and captivating country? You can opt to reach here via air or sea. The flights to Barbados can be boarded from Canada, United Kingdom and United States. There are direct flights to Barbados from Brazil, Florida, Manchester, North Carolina, Trinidad and Tobago, New York, Texas, Germany and some other places. Grantley Adams International Airport is the airport in Germany. Enjoy travelling to the country through modern cruise ships. These start from Bridgetown Port, situated a mile away from Bridgetown, the capital city. You will have a nice tome on-board cruise Barbados with duty-free shops, restaurants, communication center and bars on the ship. When you get down on the land, the whole country lies before you, ready to be discovered and enjoyed.

Winters is considered as the best time to visit Barbados just to remain safe from the chilling weather of other countries. This season is not much cold as the average temperature year round is 24- 29 degree. Tourists who love to do nothing on the beaches hit the place in the period between mid-April to mid-December. This is the peak tourist season and vacationers in a mood to relax and enjoy can be seen everywhere.

For enjoying the spectacular country, you need to be alert to avoid any crime against you and remain free from any inconvenience. There are certain rules to be followed for wearing clothes, driving, and shopping etc. while holidaying in Barbados. Adorn the beachwear only when you are on the beach and nowhere else. The preferred clothing for this dry country will be silk, lightweight linen and cotton. The localities still follow the elegant way to dress just like the British. If you plan to drive here, carry your license along with you. Drive carefully down the narrow roads and stay to your left. The first timers might face some difficulties in adjusting to the much relaxed atmosphere here. Even the shopping hours are not much flexible and are time bound. There are set timings for shopping for every day. The currency generally accepted here is U.S. currency. You can also pay through travellers checks or main credit cards.

In case, you wish to discover, travel, enjoy and do other activities in a less-hurried way then you need to visit the city in the off-season. This is the suitable time only for those who don’t wish to mix-up in the prevailing commotion in the country. Also, this is the most affordable time to holiday in the reason as the pries are at their low point and if you are lucky you might get discounts in hotel booking, shopping and some other things.


This is one of the drier and sunnier islands than many other Caribbean islands. Wet and dry are the two seasons prevalent here. From June to November is the wet season, temperature ranges from 23-31 degrees. But with cool breeze blowing all through, weather is tolerable and pleasant. The dry season lasts from December to May and the temperature here is 21-31 degrees. The daily average high temperature is 28 degree and low is 21 degree. The driest months last from February to May with April having just one week of rain.  Like the dry and wet season, there is a hurricane season too. It lasts from June to October. Never forget to focus on the weather at the time when you are holidaying in the region. This will let you enjoy your trip to the fullest.

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