Barbados Hotels & Resorts

Barbados being the most favorite Caribbean tourist destination searching for a preferred and appropriate tourist destination is not much of a task. The island has many types of accommodation that includes apartments, guesthouses, luxury villas, bed and breakfast hotels, vacation rentals, timeshares, hotels and resorts are the varying accommodations you can opt to stay during your vacations in Barbados. If you wish to spend quality and private time with your beloved then you can select from apartments, guesthouses, luxury villas, hotels or resorts. Select vacation rentals and timeshares when you are in the country for less duration and want an affordable accommodation. Bed and breakfast hotels are much preferred option when you are not in a mood to spend more on accommodations. Yet another consideration for deciding the place of your choice is whether you are on a family trip, honeymoon or here to solemnize your wedding. Budget, trip duration and your preferences are the criterion you need to judge the best accommodation place. This will save you from spending more, ruining your budget and ultimately spoiling your vacations.

Top 3 Hotels

Plan your vacation and then make the choice of accommodation accordingly. Have a look at the following top 3 Barbados hotels. For the accommodation, you may opt for guest houses, resorts, home stays, villas, hotels and apartments. This is a hotspot tourist destination in Caribbean Islands and the accommodation options though available in plenty are always occupied. Be sure to make your bookings in the preferred accommodation well in advance to avoid any inconvenience and awkward situation at the last moment.

Sandy Lane Hotel

This elegant luxury boutique/design resort in Barbados is no less than being in the lap of comfort nicely combined with sophistication and, is set in the mahogany grove. Caribbean Sea and the Golden sand increase the beauty of this property. This hotel is a paradise for nature lovers due to its location. The building of this hotel is made from cream coralstone. The Sandy Lane Hotel has 112 rooms, each fully furnished. There is a private verandah with every luxury room. The amenities it offers are- wide-screen television, private bar, direct-dial phone, personal in-room safe, fitness center, on-site dining, spa facility, scuba diving, pool, water skiing and boating etc.

The House Barbados

This is one such accommodation where you have complete privacy and can live alone for some time. It is a classic luxury hotel that is a perfect place for the couples, newlyweds or the people on honeymoon. Ambience filled with nice and fresh smell, The House Barbados hotel makes your stay pleasant and comfortable. Grace, peace, calmness, privacy and elegant designs are the hotel’s highlights. The 34 rooms are well furnished with modern amenities that are perfect for the guests. On-site dining, fitness center, skiing, high speed internet, beach, golfing, boating, skiing, windsurfing and others are the activities and facilities it offers. You can enjoy the stay in complete privacy with warm hotel staff at your service.

Tamarind Cove Hotel

The Tamarind Cove Hotel exquisitely combines Caribbean charm and Mediterranean design. There are three freshwater pools inside the property and are housed under red tiled roofs. When you enter here, you will feel relaxed due to its ambience. The landscape gardens are a gateway to the white sand beach’s 750 foot long crescent area. Select from 110 suites and guestrooms for accommodation here. Every room has pool, garden or ocean view and a private patio or balcony.  Gardens with fresh fragrance, shores filled with sand and sun kissed beaches are the higlights of this place. Here you have access to world class modern amenities and activities like on-site dining facility, banquets and meetings, business center, outdoor, pool, fitness center, beach, sailing, skiing and boating etc. Enjoy your vacation in Barbados and the accommodation in this classic luxury hotel.

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