Barbados Foods and Culture

Although the culture of Barbados is derived from West Indies, England and Africa yet it has its own unique character, traditions, values and customs. Every place on the island defines and showcases the glorious history and unique characteristics. This is also quite evident in Barbados cuisine, dance, craft and music. Every tourist is advised to experience these things at least once to have a clear understanding and familiarity with the Barbados culture. And, once acquainted, vacation will be all the more enjoyable and become memorable too. The people here are uniquely talented and have the artistic skills of their own. In every delicacy, a unique Bajan taste is present.

Food & Drinks

With every meal, you will get to savor the spicy and delicious food. Business dinner, casual eat-out or partying with friends, restaurants and eateries cater to all your needs well. The tourists can pamper their taste buds with Caribbean, African, European, Chinese and Indian cuisines. You will get a taste of seasoning in every meal or dish. This seasoning’s ingredients are garlic, pepper, spring onions, marjoram, basil, paprika, onions, salt, thyme and parsley. Chief delicacies are fish cakes and Cou Cou, flying fish and Black Pudding and Souse. Rum is the favorite alcoholic beverage here. The people who wish to have a taste of less alcoholic drink can taste beer. Deserts served here include guava cheese, peanut brittle, tamarind balls, chocolate fudge, coconut bread and more. These are just the perfect delicacies to satiate your sweet tooth.


When you visit the place, you will witness hints of North American culture. People here are of mixed races descending from Europe and Africa. The Barbadians (inhabitants of Barbados) are 95% Christians. The official language of the country is English and it is also the widely spoken language here. Spanish and French being other languages preferred for communication. This means the visitors well versed with English language will not have to face much problem in communicating with the people of the region. But you will be disappointed if you expect English spoken here to be the same as British English. This is because both have different pronunciation and the vocabulary. You will notice high impact of British on the whole in this country. Barbados culture’s integral part is music, the folk music that incorporates customary African drumming. Barbados derives its musical inspiration from reggae from Jamaica’s ghettos and Trinidadian Calypso music. Soca and Spouge are the new forms of music resultant of the latter. No celebration is complete without music. Even at the restaurants, you will get music along with the food.

Facts And Figure

Area: 431 km2

Capital: Bridgetown

Climate: Tropical Monsoon

Population: 284,589 (as per Census 2009)

Airport: Grantley Adams International Airport

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