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If you are travelling to Bali then you should leave all your preconceived notions at home. Bali is a place unlike any other and it cannot be explained, only experienced. Bali is a place where you will need a bikini for the beaches and a sweatshirt for the mountains. The months from June to September are probably the best time to visit and the temperatures are pleasant with low humidity.

Bali is well connected to places such as Shanghai, Hobart, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Manila by air and daily flights to Bali are available. You can apply for an on arrival visa at the airport as well. Since Bali is a popular destination several international carriers are plying this route. Some of the well-known ones include Singapore Air, Qatar Airways, Cathay Pacific, Malaysia Air, Air Asia, Thai Air, China Air and Korean Airlines. Some countries in the ASEAN group do not require a visa and they can directly get their passports stamped on arrival. Tourist visas for Bali are available from the Indonesian embassies in most countries. These are easy to obtain and you can get them through a simple application process. People from countries such as Brunei, Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, Ecuador, Chile, Morocco, Peru and Malaysia do not require visas for a thirty day stay. You will have to pay a tax while you are leaving the country and this is usually done in cash. Ensure that you have enough money when you are preparing to leave the country. The fee is around Rp 150,000 for international departures.

The airport is not the most elegant but it is quite functional and efficient. Like most other international airports it has several expensive restaurants, and duty free shopping centers. You can also use your ATM and debit cards though one of the ATM machines. Porters are available outside the airport and they might try to engage your services without your permission. A firm no should be enough to keep them at bay. Reaching the hotel from the airport shouldn’t be a problem and you can arrange for a taxi from the airport. You can also arrange a shuttle service through the hotel if possible.

You can get around the cities using hired mopeds or arrange transport through the hotels. Buses and boats are preferred mode of transport for the locals. The best way to trawl the Bali beaches is on foot and the roads are quiet accommodating in this aspect. However, some of the smaller towns have improper sidewalks which can make walking quite difficult. The beaches and tourist centers have ample walking space. Internal transport options are endless and you can easily fly between the cities. There are several low cost carriers which offer cheap tickets and they are a quick way to get around the place. Some of the carriers include Batavia Air, Wings Air, Citi Link, Sky Aviation and Lion Air. Bus services are available from Bali to most of the cities and towns. But these are usually hot and slow but relatively cheap. Perama Buses at Bali are the most commonly used means of transport by budget travellers.

If you are planning a trip here then you should go through the tourism office website and contact then for all the required details. Most of the important regions and tourists destinations have individual tourism offices and these are quite helpful.


Bali has a tropical climate but it is quite moderate and temperatures rarely exceed 35 degrees Celsius during the day. Monsoons bring heavy rainfall and it is better to avoid visiting during this season if you are interested in outdoor activities. However, the monsoon season is quite picturesque and the lush green surroundings add to the paradise feel. The monsoon of Bali usually starts in late December and continues till March. Evenings experience heavy rainfall and tourist activities are usually suspended at this point. Moreover, the amount of rainfall also depends on the geography and some places receive very little rain through the year. The highland areas are usually quite misty and one can expect rainfall at any time and it is best to be prepared. Kintamani and Bendigul are the highland areas in Bali.

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