Bali is considered a perfect travel destination mainly for its beaches and clear seas. But the country has much more to offer and when you reach there you find that is a culturally thriving center. The country is also geographically distinct and it varies from lush green jungles to rugged peaks. The villages in the countryside are a complete contrast to the main cities and towns. Quaint little rice terraces and small villages dot the countryside throughout the country.

Bali is a country which has a combination of deeply spiritual connections and commercial interests. Most travellers do not look beyond the picturesque black sand beaches but you must take the time to understand and experience this country. Many countries and islands have been given the description of paradise but Bali is one of the few places which can actually lay a serious claim to this title. Bali is a part of the Indonesian archipelago. Whether you are a young backpacker on the move or a super-rich traveler, Bali has something for you.  The culturally rich country is home to a diverse population and it is a mix of expats and locals.

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Denapsar is the main city in the island and it is also the administrative hub of the island. However, it is not a tourist spot and there are several other places along the coast which offer much more to the traveler. One can witness countless holy processions and walks in Bali and the local population is almost always colorful dressed in their ethnic wear. The people generally follow a form of Hinduism and unlike the neighboring regions; Islam has not yet spread to Bali. It offers complete freedom for the traveler and there are no restrictions in terms of dressing and food.

Major Attractions

As with any island most travellers come here for the clean stretches of beaches. The waters are usually clear and reflect the color of the noon day sun. The shallow waters are more like swimming pools than actual beaches. If you are lucky enough to visit during the time of a festival you will be able to experience the real Bali culture. The festivals of Galungan and Nyepi are among the most colorful. These are usually accompanied by long processions with colorful paper maches. It is an incredible sight which sits on the mind for a long time.

There are a huge number of temples in Bali and some of them are worth visiting. The nine (directional) temples which are located around the country are the most famous. Even if you aren’t able to visit them all, you must make it a point to check out the closest one. Balinese temples are uniquely designed and they usually have a cone like shape. There are several black sand beaches spread across the country due to its volcanic nature. Nusa Lembogan is an area famous for snorkeling and other leisure activities, this is an excellent place to unwind and let go. Seminyak is a beachside location filled with private villas and resorts. Other Bali beaches in the region include Jimbaran, Lovina and Kuta amongst others.

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The Amed region has several diving spots and is home to small fishing villages. This is definitely worth visiting as well. If you are interested in the arts then you should travel to the Ubud region. The monkey forest is also located in this neighborhood. There are plenty places to shop for small souvenirs and crafts in Ubud.

Bali is also known for its bird population and the West Bali National Park offers exciting options for bird watching and trekking. The national park is home to several species of birds and avid ornithologists can be found here. It also boasts of excellent diving spots, so be sure to pack your swimming trunks. You can also visit the temple Baisakh at Mount Agung which happens to be the highest peak in the region. The Bukit Peninsula offers a wide range of activities such as snorkeling, diving and surfing. One can also visit the Uluwatu Temple which is literally hanging off a cliff. Every region in Bali will have a few temples and each of them are unique and worth visiting. If you are into nature walking then the Nusa Penida is the best place for it.

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